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Current Students

Students who wish to continue at Oglala Lakota College must have their Jenzabar username and password to pre-register for classes once they've reviewed their status sheet with their counselor or faculty advisor.

0-31 credit Hours = Freshman Students
31-60 credit Hours = Sophomore Students

If your status is a freshman or sophomore level you need to meet with your counselor at your Home Center.

61-90 credit hours = Junior
91+ credit hours = Senior

If your status is Junior or Senior level you need to meet with you faculty/department chair advisor.

The Meeting

Once the appointment is set up with the advisor, arrive 15 minutes early and present yourself in a professional manner.

Log on the Jenzabar website http://exweb.olc.edu/ics with your username and passward, if you do not have this on hand please contact our office at 605-455-6033 and request it. Advisors may also use their access information to review student records.

Click on the Advisee Tab once you've logged in (or the advisor can pull the students information from the advisor tab and student roster) and look for the Degree Audit Portal (View). This is also known as your status sheet which is found in the 2010-2011 catalog and should have the classes listed in the order of which they appear in the catalog. The degree audit (status sheet) should be the major or degree that you are pursuing here at OLC. If this is incorrect please submit a change of Major/Degree application to our office. And we shall ensure that this is correct and updated to reflect all courses that apply.

Degree Application Form

Now that we have the correct degree audit listed we can look at courses that you need in order to meet the requirements for graduation. This method will ensure that you are taking the correct classes and give you a sense of accomplishment while you are here at Oglala Lakota College.

Click on the Course Needs portal (View), this will list courses needed according to the degree audit or status sheet you've chosen. See Available Courses next to the name of the course will show if the course is being offered this semester and the center that is offering it.

Former Students

Former students of Oglala Lakota College not enrolled for two semesters or longer, must apply for re-admission to the Registrar. Official transcripts of additional work completed at any other college, must be submitted.