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By Andy Thompson, Graduate Studies Department Instructor
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[doc] CAR 103- Carpentry Theory.doc171.5 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] CAR 103- Carpentry Theory.pdf97.9 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] CAR 113- Basic Drafting.doc78.0 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] CAR 113- Basic Drafting.pdf26.3 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] CAR 114- OnSite Construction I.doc161.0 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] CAR 114- OnSite Construction I.pdf96.2 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] CAR 124- OnSite Construction II.doc161.5 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] CAR 124- OnSite Construction II.pdf96.2 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] CAR 203- Carpemtry Theory II.doc170.0 KB2014-Sep-18 
[doc] CAR 214- OnSite Construction III.doc161.5 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] CAR 214- OnSite Construction III.pdf96.2 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] CAR 224- OnSite Construction IV.doc161.0 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] CAR 224- OnSite Construction IV.pdf96.2 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] CAR 232- Light Commercial & Residential. Bldg. Codes.doc154.0 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] CAR 232- Light Commercial & Residential. Bldg. Codes.pdf33.1 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] HV 103- Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning.doc169.5 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] HV 103- Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning.pdf96.3 KB2015-Feb-19 
[docm] TMath 123- Trades Math.docm106.5 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] TMath 123- Trades Math.pdf102.0 KB2015-Feb-19 
[docm] TRDS 103- Occupational Safety.docm104.9 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] TRDS 103- Occupational Safety.pdf99.1 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] TRDS 133- Residential Print Reading.doc170.0 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] TRDS 133- Residential Print Reading.pdf97.5 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] TRDS 163- Concrete Technology.doc72.5 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] TRDS 163- Concrete Technology.pdf23.3 KB2015-Feb-19 
[doc] TRDS 213- Residential Estimating.doc79.0 KB2014-Sep-18 
[pdf] TRDS 213- Residential Estimating.pdf26.3 KB2015-Feb-19 
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