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By Valentina Merdanian, Institutional Assessment and Research Director
email: Valentina Merdanian

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[pdf] 2008_Humanities_and_Social_Science_Department.pdf685.5 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2008_(b)_Humanities_and_Soc_Sc_ Dept.pdf13.7 MB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2008_(a)_Humanities_and_Soc_Sci_Dept.pdf20.5 MB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2006_Ag_and_Natural_Res_Dept.pdf4.7 MB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_Supplement.pdf53.8 MB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_Overall_Report.pdf172.2 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_APPENDIX_6.pdf3.4 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_APPENDIX_5.pdf5.9 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_APPENDIX_4.pdf3.3 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_APPENDIX_3.pdf3.5 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_APPENDIX_2.pdf3.4 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Services_APPENDIX_1.pdf5.2 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Human_Service_Program_Review_1.pdf88.8 KB2015-Apr-07 
[pdf] 2005_Applied_Science_Dept.pdf7.3 MB2015-Apr-07 
[doc] library stratigic complete plan 2012-2013.doc92.5 KB2013-May-03 
[doc] library_stratigic_complete_plan_2012.doc69.0 KB2013-Apr-17 
[doc] library2011-2012annual_report.doc129.5 KB2013-Apr-17 
[docx] 2012 - Math-Science Review.docx29.9 KB2013-Feb-06 
[docx] 2012 - Math-Science Review Addendum.docx21.6 KB2013-Feb-06 
[pdf] 2005 - Human Services Supplement.pdf53.8 MB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2012 - Education & Grad, SD Board Review.pdf5.3 MB2012-Dec-17 
[xlsx] Program Review Calendar.xlsx15.0 KB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2012 - Chemical Dependency.pdf6.6 MB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2010 - Foundational Studies Dept.pdf18.2 MB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2012 - Business Department.pdf5.4 MB2012-Dec-17 
[docx] 2012 - Agriculture Extension Program Review.docx22.6 KB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2010 - Social Work Dept.pdf6.5 MB2012-Dec-17 
[docx] 2010 - Lakota Studies Program Review lh revised 4-12-11.docx86.7 KB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2008 - (b) Humanities and Soc Sci Dept.pdf13.7 MB2012-Dec-17 
[docx] 2008 - Humanities and Social Science Department.docx142.4 KB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2008 - (a) Humanities and Soc Sci Dept.pdf20.5 MB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2005 - Applied Science Dept.pdf7.3 MB2012-Dec-17 
[pdf] 2006 - Ag and Natural Res Dept.pdf4.7 MB2012-Dec-17 
[doc] 2005 Human Services Overall Report.doc132.0 KB2012-Dec-17 
[doc] 2005 Human Services APPENDIX 6.doc23.5 KB2012-Dec-17 
[doc] 2005 Human Services APPENDIX 5.doc23.5 KB2012-Dec-17 
[doc] 2005 Human Services APPENDIX 4.doc23.5 KB2012-Dec-17 
[doc] 2005 Human Services APPENDIX 3.doc23.5 KB2012-Dec-17 
[doc] 2005 Human Services APPENDIX 2.doc23.5 KB2012-Dec-17 
[doc] 2005 Human Services APPENDIX 1.doc23.5 KB2012-Dec-17 
[docx] 2005 - Human Service Program Review.docx12.6 KB2012-Dec-17 
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