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Assessment Office


Course Student Learning/Assessment
Measurement of student learning in ALL sections of a course based on standardized course learning objectives.
Curriculum Mapping
Mapping institutional goals/departmental goals/course goals objectives to courses taught in a department.
Direct Measurement
Provides a direct measurement of student learning taking place. Methods of measurement are: tests and exams, course-embedded assessment (using student produced work), portfolios, capstone courses and performance assessments (speeches, presentations, projects, etc.).
The terms "goals" and "objectives" are often used in relation to expected student learning outcomes. Goals describe broad learning outcomes and concepts (what you want students to learn) expressed in general terms (e.g., oral and written communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc.). Oglala Lakota College will utilize the terminology of goals.
Indirect Measurement
Method of obtaining data indirectly via surveys, interviews, focus groups and institutional data already collected and stored.
Objectives are the specific skills, values, and attitudes students should exhibit that reflect the broader goals (e.g., for students in a freshman writing course, this might be "students are able to develop a cogent argument to support a position"). Objectives and expected student learning outcomes are interchangeable terms. Oglala Lakota College will utilize the terminology of objectives.
Desired benchmark of student learning in regards to each objective.
An instructional tool that is utilized for scoring and assessing student learning using a specific range or set criteria. Measurement will be the student performance against the set criteria for the task and levels of performance.
Student Artifacts
Student produced work for institutional/department/course assessment.
Student Learning/Assessment
The systematic collection, review and use of information about educational programs to improve student learning. Assessment focuses on what students know, what they are able to do, and what values they have when they graduate. Assessment is concerned with the collective impact of a program on student learning.
Student Learning/Assessment Methods
The instruments used by faculty to measure student learning objectives. Available methods are direct measurement or indirect measurement.