Institutional Development Committee

October 13, 2017

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Sandy at 11:08

Members present:  Sandra White Shield, Michelle Bruns, Tammy Bauck, Nikki Pipe On Head, Pam Houston, Monica Stambach, Holly boomer, Andy Thompson, Julie Johnson, Jason Funk, Milton Fineran, Eric Peltier, David White Bull, Steph Sorbel, and Cliff Delong

        I.            Opening Prayer given by Andy Thompson

      II.            Words of wisdom by Nikki Pipe on Head

    III.            Recognition of Jim Dudek’s contributions by Sandy

    IV.            Old Business

A.      Approval of Minutes motion to approve made by David, 2nd by Steph.  Motion approved

      V.            New Business:

A.      Election of Officers

a.       President – Nominations.  Sandy White Shield nominated by Steph, 2nd by Pam

b.      Vice President – Nominations. Cliff nominated by Cliff Delong, 2nd by Milton

c.       Secretary – Nominations.  Holly Boomer will volunteer to under circumstance of name change to “Recorder”.  Offer accepted. 

B.      Policy Review Subcommittee

a.       Nikki Pipe on Head volunteers to Chair committee

                                                               i.      Sandy will let Nikki know what was left off last year

C.      Benefits Meeting

a.       Andy Thompson volunteers to continue as Chair of committee

                                                               i.      New cards for dental/vision should have been received

D.      Technology Committee

a.       Cliff Delong volunteers to continue as Chair of committee

                                                               i.      AT&T has given quotes for internet access for Batesland College Center, need approval from Business VP

                                                             ii.      Complaints on bandwidth at one college center–it currently has maximum at the moment , more bandwidth will not happen until 2019

1.       Golden West doubled bandwidth last year and we are already complaining about “not enough”

E.       Committee Charges – Julie Johnson (ex-officio)

a.       Julie – charged to update mileage policy – please list/bring concerns and questions with mileage

                                                               i.      This will not be in regards to rates being paid

F.       Motion made to adjourn by Milton, 2nd by Steph.  Meeting adjourned at 11:34.