Activities Committee Meeting

January 16, 2004



Members Present:                                                       Members Absent:


  1. Cathy Ferguson                                              1.   Hope Conquering Bear
  2. Leslie Heathershaw                                         2.   Danelle Richards
  3. Leonard Ferguson                                           3.   Ellen Hernandez
  4. Marlin Fineran                                                4.   Vincent Fire Thunder
  5. Marilyn Pourier
  6. Charlie White Buffalo                                     5.  Wilma Witt
  7. Vina White Hawk                                           6.   Rose American Horse
  8. Wilmer Mesteth                                              7.   Al Schwalm
  9. John Around Him                                           8.   Blake White
  10. Shirley Sitting Bear                                         9. Geraldine Little Whiteman
  11. Larry Swalley                                                
  12. Roberta Wounded Head
  13. Theresa Lone hill
  14. Misty Brave
  15. Jonnie Clifford
  16. Troy Lynn Twiss
  17. Terri Bissonette
  18. Yvonne DeCory
  19. Agnes Gay
  20. Kathy Two Crow
  21. Faith Richards
  22. Stacy Phelps
  23. Kathy Montes
  24. Andy Thompson



  1. Janice Richards
  2. Myreen Iron Cloud
  3. Stephanie Two Crow-Wilcox
  4. Benny Rosales
  5. Alicia Provost
  6. Susan Heathershaw
  7. Michelle Yankton
  8. Cindy Iron Cloud
  9. Maria Ferguson
    Prayer by Charlie White Buffalo


Meeting called to order at 12:00 pm


Charlie motions to approve December minutes

Seconded by Troy Lynn

Unanimous vote to accept December minutes


Staff Awards:

Discussion on the Five major awards and  the 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year


We need a sub-committee


Troy Lynn, Leonard, Milton, Leslie, Roberta and Tiny volunteered

They will meet and bring ideas to the next meeting


Report from Leonard on Porta-Potties:

                                                Kieffer  -           1920

                                                Apple Guard  -  1900

Leonard suggests to build one permanent.  He will look into the cost and compare.  Students will build the building


Host Drum                  Kiyaksa


Cindy is getting the Feathers and Plumes

Arena Director            John Around Him

Eyapaha                      Chris Eagle Hawk

Baccalaureate              Myreen, Alicia, Steph


Trash                           Larry Swalley


Tiny Tots                   Troy Lynn Twiss

Concessions                Roberta W.H.

Cathy F.


Fry Bread

Number Taking           Terri Bissonette



Motion by Leslie to nominate John A.H. to be in charge of flags

Seconded by Cathy F.

Unanimous vote for John to be in charge of flags


Charlie W.B. motions to adjourn

Misty B. Seconds

Unanimous vote to adjourn the meeting at 12:35 pm