Activities Committee Meeting

March 5, 2003


Members Present:                                                       Members Absent:


  1. Charlie White Buffalo                                     1.   Theresa Lone Hill
  2. Larry Swalley                                                 2.   Geraldine Little Whiteman
  3. Agnes Gay                                                      3.   Myreen Iron Cloud
  4. Andy Thompson                                            4.   Alicia Provost
  5. Marilyn Pourier                                              5.   Hope Conquering Bear
  6. Cathy Ferguson                                              6.   Danelle Johnson
  7. Catrina Red Willow                                        7.   Susan Heathershaw
  8. Roberta Wounded Head                                  8.   Wilma Witt
  9. Stacy Phelps                                                   9.   Rose American Horse
  10. Troylynn Twiss                                             10. Stephanie Wilcox
  11. Blake White                                                    11. Faith Richards
  12. Al Schwalm                                                    
  13. Leonard Ferguson
  14. Marlin Fineran
  15. Terri Bissonette
  16. Jonnie Clifford
  17. John Around Him
  18. Kathy Montes
  19. Cindy Iron Cloud
  20. Tony Brave
  21. Ellen Hernandez
  22. Shirley Sitting Bear
  23. Misty Brave
  24. Leslie Heathershaw
  25. Devonna Lone Wolf
  26. Kathy Two Crow
  27. Bridgette DuBray
  28. Maria Ferguson
  29. Vina White Hawk
  30. Benny Rosales
  31. Michelle Yankton
  32. Janice Richards
  33. Vincent Fire Thunder



Members Excused:


  1. Wilmer Mesteth


Meeting Called to order at


Staff Awards-Troy got them out to all the staff

Maria had questions on if a whole department could get nominated, not just an individual

Committee members said this could not be done


There are over 200 staff members at OLC, the original count was 160.  We need to start fundraising for the employees that were not on the first count. 


Devonna Suggest to go face to face with the other committees to se if they can help with not only staff awards but with all the other activities this committee does through out the year


Misty suggests to allocate the money from spring bonuses to go toward the staff awards


Draft a letter to Tom for the extra $350.00 needed for the employees that were not on the first list


Leslie motions to develop a subcommittee for the Monte Carlo and Plaques with a variety of people from out in the districts and not on the Activities committee

Misty Seconds the motion

Unanimous vote to accept the above


Fundraising Sub-Committee:

            Marilyn, Janice, Devonna, Bridgette, Leslie, Vina


Staff Awards All Staff Schedule


Monte Carlo-Going to need craps people, some one needs to ask the Casino for cards

Cook Out


John motions for all the activities members to donate $5.00 to the staff fundraising sub-committee to start them off

Troy seconds the motion

Unanimous vote to accept the above


Charlie White Buffalo-                        $5                    Al Schwalm                 $5

Larry Swalley-                                    $10                  Leonard Ferguson       $5

Agnes Gay-                                         $5                    Marlin Fineran            $5

Andy Thompson-                               $5                    John Around Him       $5

Marilyn Pourier-                                 $5                    Vincent Fire Thunder  $5

Catrina Red Willow-                           $5                    Misty Brave               $5

Stacy Phelps-                                      $5                    Bridgette DuBray       $5

Blake White-                                       $5                    Maria Ferguson           $5

Vina White Hawk                               $5                    Benny Rosales                        $5


Stacy suggest to draft a payroll deduction form on what the committee does and give to all staff

March 12 & 13           Basketball tournament (Concessions)

May 7                         Pow wow  (Concessions)


Misty recommends all committee member to sign up for at least one of the sub-committees for the pow wow


The 2004 Eyapaha is Chris Eagle Hawk, He called on 1-23-04 to confirm


Blake says the Trades program students will clean up on Monday after the pow wow


Larry has a 27ее color TV he can donate for fundraising


Activities meeting will meet every two weeks from now on.  Troy will e-mail everyone on the date of the next meeting


Charlie motions to adjourn at

Troy seconds the motion

Unanimous vote to adjourn