Minutes of September 10, 2004

Board Room - Morning session 11:00 a.m.; Afternoon session 1:00 p.m.


Outgoing Chair Jim Dudek called the morning session to order at 11:09 a.m.  In attendance were Janet Red Feather, Joan Nelson, Verine White, Shannon Amiotte, Marilyn Kockrow, Shauna Pourier, James Dudek, William Swanson, Troy Ferguson, Trudy Ecoffey, and Ursula Gaertner.   Stephanie Charging Eagle was required to appear in Instructional Affairs in the morning; she joined Assessment in the afternoon session.   Leslie Heathershaw will be serving on another committee and should be removed from the roster.  William Swanson was excused from the afternoon session of Assessment to attend a 1:00 p.m. meeting at Little Wound School. 


EXHIBITS:  Exhibit “A,” By-laws of Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye; Exhibit “B,” Instructional Affairs and Assessment Committee Charges 2004-2005, Exhibit “C,” Robert’s Rules of Order, Exhibit “D,” General Education Philosophy and Outcome Goals, and Exhibit “E,” “Student Learning and Effective Teaching,” Chapter Three of The Handbook of Accreditation, issued by the Higher Learning Commission.


Ursula advised Gerry Giraud would be at Instructional Affairs for a few minutes at the request of Dr. Winkelman; Dr. Giraud would join our meeting later.


Janet suggested that the election of officers be the first order of business.  Outgoing Chair Jim invited volunteers.


Ursula volunteered to serve as Chairperson, Marilyn as Vice Chairperson, and Janet as Recorder.


Discussion ensued as to the role of Gerry Giraud on the committee.  Ursula gave Gerry good press, emphasizing that we’re fortunate to have him, given his extensive training in assessment.  Ursula commented that Gerry’s doing a good job of continuing the groundwork we’ve laid in the past.  All we really need right now is an assessment measure of student performance: what can they do, and how can we demonstrate it?


MOTION, That the leadership of the Assessment Committee consist of Ursula Gaertner as Chairperson, Marilyn Kockrow as Vice Chairperson, and Janet Red Feather as Recorder. MOTION was MADE and SECONDED and PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. 


In brief discussion, Jim and Ursula complimented Janet on her prior service as Recorder.  Ursula indicated she was happy to serve as Chairperson but will abdicate the Chair if someone else feels called to occupy it. 


Jim mentioned that the President saw to it that Assessment became the fifth standing committee of the Piya Wiconi Okolaciciye.  Jim relinquished the Chair to Ursula.  Ursula assumed her new duties at 11:35 a.m.


Discussion ensued as to the progress through Institutional of the motion that created us as a standing committee.  Questions were raised as to the process that was followed; although all were pleased with the outcome.  Jim suggested that Ursula obtain the PWO Minutes after BOT approval.


Marilyn emphasized that feedback is important, so we need to review the minutes.


Ursula added obtaining PWO Minutes and finding out how we became the fifth standing committee as an additional charge.


Joan and Marilyn stressed the importance of committee attendance.  Per Joan, culturally, attendance and participation are consistent with the Lakota perspective.  One should view this as an honor to serve on committees.


Ursula mentioned there were some changes in the By-laws of Piya Wiconi Okolaciciye and offered copies of the 4/1/04 By-laws (Exhibit “A”).  Ursula is aware of the “Progress Report loop” and suspects her help will be enlisted when the report is due.  The report is almost due, and most of the groundwork’s been laid.  One of the tasks we face is to find an assessment measure for our General Education program.  Ursula conveyed that almost everyone was disenchanted with the idea of standardized tests.


Per Ursula, we must construct a Gen Ed test laboriously -- or else opt for something like the CAAP that would measure scores over the years for improvement.  We could look at a five year period -- we’re not “making up for a 100 year deficit.”




New Chairperson Ursula called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.  Dr. Giraud joined the committee for the afternoon session.


Gerry conveyed that President Shortbull wants:


1. To avoid a focus visit; and

2. A gateway assessment (after gen ed) -- in order to: measure students preparing to enter advanced study, or a review to determine whether progress comports with expected outcomes.


The task:  creating a gen ed assessment and determine passing scores for that assessment.


Ad hoc committee per paragraph 2 of Charges (Exhibit “B”) to fulfill #3.


(Exhibit “C,” Robert’s Rules made available earlier by Devonna, distributed inter alia by Ursula to maintain an orderly flow of business.)


The Ad hoc committee would consist of the Assessment Director +


MOTION made that Verine White (Lakota Studies), Stephanie Charging Eagle (Graduate Studies), and Shannon Amiotte (Education) shall comprise the Task Force on General Education, SECONDED by Jim and PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


We received two packets from Gerry (Exhibits “D” and “E”).


Per Ursula, we need to assign out Tasks 1-7 (Exhibit “B,“ paragraph 2).  Tasks 4-7 are carryovers from last year and can be handled by the entire committee.  Task #4 needs a feedback loop.  Our freshmen need math and English remedial help, so this loop needs to go to developmental.


MOTION to accept assignment of Task Force #1, Ursula and Jim; Task Force #2, Gerry & ad hoc members Verine, Stephanie, and Shannon; and Task Force #3, Stephanie, Janet, Verine, Shannon, MADE by Marilyn, SECONDED by Janet and PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


MOTION to assign charges #4 - #7 to the Assessment Committee as a unit, MADE,  SECONDED and PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


MOTION that Ursula research the minutes of the BOT-approved PWO minutes regarding creation of Assessment as the fifth standing committee of the PWO, MADE by Trudy, SECONDED by Marilyn and PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


Ursula advised that Gerry wants working sessions with his task force twice a month.  Ursula also stated that with respect to assessment in the majors, we need to make the objectives and intended outcomes more concrete.


Stephanie inquired as to the format of annual planning reports.  Stephanie mentioned that she regularly does her department’s annual planning but inquired whether we’ll have a “grand annual planning” in which all departments participate.


Marilyn mentioned that her department is very diverse and would therefore require different tools and measures.


Ursula clarified that the program review concerns measuring productivity in the assessment of student learning.  Departments will utilize rubrics for ranking students.


Joan became a representative for the Faculty Senate.  The Senate will meet twice a month; so reps were instructed to go to their committees and ask to be excused from their committee assignments. 


Per Jim, specific authorization for committee absence probably does not rest with the individual committees but with the PWO. 


Per the entire committee, we all support Joan in her representative role and can show our support by a vote.


MOTION by Jim, SECONDED by Stephanie, to excuse Joan Nelson, as necessary, from Assessment Committee meetings when the dates conflict with those of Faculty Senate meetings, PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


Ursula requested that committee members look over Exhibits “D” and “E” before the next meeting.


Joan mentioned that Level 1 testing of Nursing students (CAD) test were shocking -- in many cases, there were single digit results. 


MOTION made, SECONDED and UNANIMOUSLY PASSED to adjourn at 2:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Janet Red Feather