Assessment Committee

Minutes of April 15, 2005

Board Room


  1. Call to Order: Ursula called the meeting to order at 11:30 am.


  1. Prayer: Geraldine Little Whiteman


  1. Roll Call of Members Present: P = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent


_P_ Shannon Amiotte                     _P_ Joan Nelson

_P_Stephanie Charging Eagle         _P_ Shauna Pourier

_P_Jim Dudek                                _P_ Janet Red Feather

_P_Ursula Gaertner                        _A_ Bill Swanson

_P_Gerry Geraud                           _P_ Irvine Twin

_E_Marilyn Kockrow                     _P_ Verine White

_P_Geraldine Little Whiteman         _A_ Karen White Butterfly


Note(s): Marilyn was excused from today’s meeting. Bill and Karen were absent.


  1. Reading of Minutes of March 4, 2005: Minutes were reviewed. Motion to accept made by Joan, Seconded by Shauna and Unanimously Passed


  1. Report on HLC/NCA Meeting (Dr. Giraud): Toni F. Jim D. and Gerry G. attended the NCA meeting in Chicago. The focus of the conference was the topic of assessment. Gerry noted that OLC is in a similar place with assessment as other colleges; we are the process of developing our assessment programs. He noted that the conference affirmed that we are on the right track. Gerry also shared a presentation from the conference with the committee, “New Tricks for Old Dogs: Educating Faculty in Outcomes Assessment”. In terms of assessment in relation to this information, OLC is in the best shape in regards to Institutional Responsibility. We are moving towards faculty taking over the process and being responsible for directing and guiding assessment. Departments really need to be involved in stating learning outcomes, connecting outcomes to courses and instructional content, and artifacts (evidence) of student learning. Furthermore, we need to use the assessment information we gather to improve the effectiveness of our programs. Eight things faculty need to know about assessment: 1) assessment terminology, 2) the difference between direct and indirect measures, 3) the difference between classroom assessment and program level assessment, 4) writing student learning outcomes, 5) measuring learning (components and criteria) across faculty, departments, 6) structuring a plan to assess learning, 7) interpreting data, and 8) closing the loop. Gerry provided examples of each of these areas and further information is available in the attached handout. Follow-up discussion lead by Joan focused on the need for departments to communicate expectations and mentoring/supporting part-time instructors to ensure coherence for students. Stephanie noted the need for Department Chairs to take an active role in meeting with and holding part-time instructors accountable. Shauna emphasized that part-time instructors should be required (by contract) to meet with the Department Chairs. Jim emphasized training and providing support to adjunct instructors to ensure they have the skills (not just the content knowledge) to teach. Irvine noted the need for a balance between the stated learning outcomes and what each instructor brings to the table. She also noted the need to involve students in making decisions regarding learning outcomes. Irvine noted that we need to develop “leaders” not “followers”. Ursula supported Irvine’s comments. Gerry brought conclusion to the assessment discussion. He noted that while OLC’s assessment program is being developed, we are ahead of other tribal colleges in many ways.


  1. Other Business: As shared during our all staff meeting, OLC may assume responsibility for the tribal Head Start Program. Shauna is willing to answer any questions.


  1. Announcements: Jim shared that the computer literacy survey results will be shared with staff within the next couple of weeks. Irvine noted that many older, non-traditional students do not have the same level of expertise using computers as do recent high school graduates. Joan noted the problem is further complicated by the fact that many students do not have computers in their homes.


  1. Adjournment: At 12:15 a motion was made by Irvine to adjourn; it was seconded by Geraldine and unanimously passed.



Respectfully submitted,


Shannon Amiotte



Exhibits: New Tricks for Old Dogs: Educating Faculty in Outcomes Assessment