Assessment Committee Agenda

10:00 Friday, October 12, 2007

IT Dept Office


Members Present: Judith Graham, Verine White, Joan Nelson, Crystal Paulson, Steve Potter, Ralph Schulz, Larry Parker, Andrew Thompson, Leslie Henry Jim Dudek, Devonna Lone Wolf, Shannon Amiotte,

Late Arriving Member: Loretta Red Feather

        I.            Welcome - Jim

     II.            Establish presence of quorum and approve agenda

                              1.            Twelve members present

   III.            Reading and Approval of September Committee Minutes

                              1.            Motion: Judith

                              2.            Second: Ralph

                              3.            Discussion & Call for Questions: None

                              4.            Approval: 12/12 - Motion carried

  IV.            Second Reading of proposed Gen Ed Assessment Procedures – Andrew

                              1.            Presentation, discussion and clarification of proposed procedures

                              2.            Minor edits made section IV. d. (remove ‘and’ from “directors and are responsible”) and section IV. e. (insert ‘be’ in “will [be] selected by”)

                              3.            Motion: Larry

                              4.            Second: Judith

                              5.            Discussion & Call for Questions: None

                              6.            Approval: 12/12 – Motion carried

     V.            Wiki Demonstration - Shannon

                              1.            Wiki demonstration and overall Moodle overview

                              2.            Feedback suggests the committee should begin using Moodle to facilitate cooperative work

                              3.            Moodle training will be offered to committee members and other interested faculty

  VI.            Presentation to BOT last Friday: Assessment Process and Results – Andy

                              1.            Motion: Devona

                              2.            Second: Ralph

                              3.            Discussion & Call for Questions: Clarification of score reporting

                              4.            Approval: 13/13 – Motion carried

VII.            Adjournment – 11:55



Attachments: BOT Report

Direct Assessment of Student Academic Achievement Procedure (Draft)

Testing Center Proctor Teams for November 9, 2007

Assessment Process and Results PPT Handout

Associate Degree & Baccalaureate Assessment Requirements

CAAP Schedule for November 9, 2007

AY 06-07 General Education Assessment


Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by: Shannon Amiotte