Assessment Committee Minutes

11:00 Friday, November 2, 2007

IT Dept Office


Members Present: Verine White, Joan Nelson, Crystal Paulson, Ralph Schulz, Larry Parker, Andrew Thompson, Lorretta Red Feather, Shannon Amiotte, Dan Koopman, Jim Dudek


Late Arriving Member: Loretta Red Feather



        I.      Welcome – Jim

     II.      Prayer – Joan Nelson

   III.      Jim provided a guided use of the New Moodle for the committee.

  IV.      Reading and Approval of October Committee Minutes

a.       Motion:                                   

b.      Second: 

c.       Discussion & Call for Questions: None

d.      Approval: 9/9 - Motion carried

     V.      Andrew provided revised CAAP testing documentation and explained changes request by PWO to the committee. 

            a.   Motion:  Dan Koopman

            b.   Second:  Joan Nelson

a.       Approval: 9/9 – Motion carried


  VI.      New Business (informational)

            a.   Andrew displayed for the committee the latest reports that have been uploaded to                                  the Assessment Department website.  This had been a request from past                                               committees, we appreciate Andrew’s efforts in this area.


VII.      Adjournment – 11:55





Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by: Dan Koopman