October 2, 2009


Meeting was called to order by Dawn Frank at 10:54am.


Members Present: Shannon Amiotte, Dawn Frank, Dana Jones, Scott Palumbo, Crystal Paulson, Richard Red Elk, Andy Thompson, Deb Tobacco, and Verine White.


Prayer: Richard Red Elk

Woksape: Deb Tobacco


Shannon regretfully announced that she would have to resign from her office and position in the Assessment Committee due to her participation in the Peer Review committee, which meets at the same time. Dawn proposed that we make two new additions to the existing agenda, 1) election of a new officer (to replace Shannon), and 2) a review of the department chairs’ meeting. A motion was made by Dawn at 11:03 to approve the previous meetings’ minutes (Sept. 4th and 11th). Crystal mentioned Judith Graham has permanently switched to a different committee, and Dawn suggested that the revised wording of the supplementary questions be added to the Sept. 11th minutes. The minutes were otherwise approved.


Re-Election of Officers (11:08):

Chair: Dawn Frank

Vice-Chair: Verine White

Secretary: Scott Palumbo


Old Business (11:09-11: 38)

Crystal will post the scoring matrix to Google Docs to be revised by the committee (Dawn will ask Shannon to continue to participate in this revision). Dawn and Andy summarized the department chairs’ reaction to the four SIR II supplementary questions (Andy will email revised questions and Scott will add these to the Sept. 11th minutes), which was favorable but not in support of tailoring these questions to their specific departments. Andy provided a handout and reviewed the OLC Assessment Program Outline and history. Verine suggest that OPI appear near Lakota Studies, culture and history. Dawn asked that everyone receive a copy of the program review criteria from Andy (by email).


New Business (11:39-12:03)

Andy reviewed the Program Review Calendar with the committee. Andy also reviewed the Placement and General Ed. Assessment tools (Accuplacer and MAAP). A comparison of OLC student performance (by freshman through senior) to national averages and medians was reviewed. OLC student performance was consistently below these national scores in every subject, but their degree of improvement over time was slightly higher than the national trend. Our next agenda will be a review of syllabi regarding a Lakota perspective.


The meeting adjourned at 12:04pm