Assessment Committee Meeting of September 17, 2010



Members Present: Vice-chair Verine White, Lakota Studies Department; Dr. Bill Young, Education and Foundational Studies Dept.; Mike Catches, Math & Sciences Department; Susan Auer, Humanities and Social Sciences Leslie Henry, Director of Agricultural Extension, Crystal Paulson, Applied Sciences Department; Deb Tobacco, Nursing Department; Steven Potter, Data Base Administrator, Dana Jones Business School; Dr. Andrew Thompson, Graduate Studies Department.


Wocekiya was said by Verine White


Meeting was called to order at 10:30 am 9/17/2010


Reading of the minutes from the last meeting was deferred to the next meeting



New Business:


Election of Officers was considered by the Committee, nominations were as follows;

Nomination of Andy Thompson for Secretary by Dana Jones, Second by Susanne, vote was unanimous.

Nomination of Leslie Henry for Vice-Chair by Susanne Auer, Second by Dana Jones, vote was unanimous.

Nomination of Dana Jones for Chairman by Deb Tobacco, Second by Mike, vote was unanimous.


Dana Jones made an introductory statement thanking the committee members for their faith and confidence in him as a relative of the Oglala Lakota, and discussed his management style- a resources based philosophy.


The committee then discussed the charge of the Administration, to review the student course evaluation survey forms to be used this fall, samples of past surveys were distributed to the members, and it was agreed that the members would review the questions for the next meeting.


The committee discussed the general education test (MAPP) review for appropriateness, and all committee members were encouraged to take the test and use the scoring sheet for the notation consistency so that an evaluation panel could be formed in the near future.



Old Business:


The committee then began discussions of the Lakota Syllabi Protocol that was developed last year. The implementation plan was under consideration.


Other Business:


The committee discussed the need to review the assessment policies in their entirety at the next meeting. The secretary was directed to email all of the members  with an internet link to the OLC assessment policies found at About, Governance, Policy & Procedure manual, #77-000 Assessment.


All business being conducted the meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.

            Respectfully submitted, Andrew Thompson, Secretary