Assessment Committee Meeting of November 5, 2010



Members present: Chair Dana Jones Business School; Verine White, Lakota Studies Department; Susan Auer, Humanities and Social Sciences; Crystal Paulson, Applied Sciences Department; Dr. Andrew Thompson, Graduate Studies Department; and Lenora Hudson, Assessment Director and ex-officio member of the committee.


Wocekiya was said by Verine White


Meeting was called to order at 10:45 am, 11/5/2010 by chairman Dana Jones


Reading of the minutes from the last meeting was deferred to the next meeting


Old Business:


Report by Lenora on student course evaluations: that the SIR II would be used this fall, 2010 so that a number of excess forms would not be wasted. The Remark system would be used in the future.


College center evaluation would be done on the Remark system this fall.


The AIMS /Akis report was progressing and would be done by December 17th.


The student representative LeoNora Garcia was not present due to scheduling considerations.  Lenora discussed the assignment of student representatives to the committees, and to Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye.


The committee discussed the Wolakolaciyapi Lakota perspective syllabi review format developed last semester.  The committee recommended that the format be used in the development of the master departmental syllabi this fall, as requested  by Dr. Giraud.  Lenora was directed to discuss the issue with Dr. Giraud, to see if it could be made a part of the master syllabi process.


The committee then reviewed the remaining items from the agenda which were old business for continuation at the next meeting. The committee discussed the review of the Assessment Policy for the members. The Assessment Timeline was discussed as needing review at the next meeting, and finally the MAPP panel review for appropriateness


All business being conducted the meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.



Respectfully submitted, Andrew Thompson, Secretary