Assessment Committee Meeting of December 3, 2010



Members Present:  Dr. Bill Young, Education and Foundational Studies Department; Susan Auer, Humanities and Social Sciences Department; Leslie Henry, Director of Agricultural Extension; Dr. Andrew Thompson, Graduate Studies Department., Lenora Hudson, ex-officio member, Anyna Big Road and Craig Dreamer, student representatives for the month of December, and Dr. Ursula Gaertner attended on behalf of the OLC self-study project.



Wocekiya was said by Andy Thompson.


Meeting was called to order at 11:30 am, 12/3/2010 by Lenora Hudson, in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair. The agenda that was prepared by the Chair was presented and approved by consensus.


Reading of the minutes from the last meeting was discussed. Motion by Leslie, 2nd by Susanne to table the minutes until the Chair was present at the next meeting. Vote was unanimous in favor.


Ursula discussed the need for assessment as a component of the NCA/ Higher Learning Commission Self-Study which was being done for the 10-year accreditation site review in 2012.  It was important to do our best to be abreast of the ongoing achievement of the college over these past 35 years and into the future.


Old Business:


The committee then began discussions of the Lakota Syllabi Protocol that was developed last year. Dr. Giraud had directed the assessment office to distribute the Lakota Syllabi Protocol. It was distributed to all academic departments in their review of syllabi for content area outcomes.


Other Business:


The committee discussed the need to review the assessment policies in their entirety. OLC assessment policies are found on the Internet home page at About, Governance, Policy & Procedure manual, under #77-000 Assessment. Susanne moved to table the review until the next meeting in January, 2011. Leslie 2nd the motion. Vote was unanimous.


The Chair then requested that Ursula give the Woksape.


All business being conducted the meeting was moved to adjourn by Andy, Bill seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.




            Respectfully submitted, Andrew Thompson, Secretary