Faculty Development Committee


Minutes – 10/21/2005


10:30pmHe Sapa College Center


Committee Members Present:

Holly Boomer

Doug Noyes

Shannon Calitri

Marty Red Bear

Susie White Thunder

Tony Fresquez




Tony offered the blessing to open the meeting




Minutes of 5/31/05 were reviewed.


Holly Boomer  Motion to accept Minutes

Marty Red Bear – Second

Motion passed unanimous


Minutes of 9/9/05 were reviewed.


Susie White Thunder  – Motion to accept Minutes

Holly Boomer – Second

Motion passed unanimous



Financial Review:


·      Shannon reported that we have spent nearly all of the $150,000 Bush Grant funds and at this point we have approximately $20,000 left in funds from administration as promised last year to compensate for FDC sponsorship of the Retention workshops in August.

·      Committee discussed plans to manage these funds until March 2006 when anticipated funds from Bush will be made available.

·      Committee recommended that Shannon request the Business Office to rename the accounts from “Bush Accounts” to “Faculty Development” Accounts

·      Committee determined that due to the fact that next Bush Foundation grant will not support individual requests at the level of the currently expiring grant and because OLC admin rejected our request to support faculty tuition requests and that we have a significant number of faculty pursuing advanced degrees that the committee should use the remaining funds primarily to support tuition requests. The committee will recommend to Department Chairs that they incorporate funding into their own budgets to support individual and departmental conference participation – so the FDC can focus on pedagogical activities and modest support of tuition requests.


Doug Noyes  – Motion to issue a statement from FDC to all faculty that “encourages” requests be fore tuition reimbursements and for faculty to seek financial support for conferences from other sources.

Holly Boomer – Second

Motion passed unanimous


FDC Mission and Future Operations:


·      The financial discussion led to discussion regarding the long-term mission and strategy of the Faculty Development Committee. The committee feels it is important to define our role within the college structure and get this role and purpose officially incorporated into OLC Policies and Procedures.

·      Committee discussed simplifying the current application form. We do not need to approve the individual details, just an overall amount. That way the business office will not have to double check amounts input on our form on top of the TA/TE that accompanies our signed approval. This might alleviate some of the issues we have encountered when the business office did not approve or required additional layers of approval from the FDC in order to process a request.

·      Discussed structure and composition of committee. We agreed that it should remain at 5 members. Should remain as a sub-committee of Instructional Affairs.

·      It is time to plan for election of new members. Committee determined to hold election at next division or all staff meeting. Committee determined that faculty should self-nominate to ensure they have a desire to actively participate. Shannon, Tony/Doug, and Holly are going off at this time. We need to elect 3 replacements for a 2 year term.



Bush Foundation Proposal


·      Shannon is completing the grant proposal for submission on November 1.

·      The proposal will emphasize support of developmental students as they transition into college level courses. We will incorporate a small amount of individual faculty development funding in the proposal, but the primary amounts will be stipends to support faculty efforts to improve course-level retention.

·      Shannon will provide FDC copies of the proposal at the 11/4 meeting


Funding Requests –


1.)    Lorie Broberg, Applied Sciences Dept. ($1,500.00) – Tuition support for work on PhD program.



Holly Boomer – Motion to accept request

Martin Red Bear – Second

Motion passed unanimous


2.)    Tony Fresquez, Humanities Dept. ($1,500.00) – Tuition support for work on PhD program.




Doug Noyes – Motion to accept request

Holly Boomer – Second

Motion passed unanimous


3.)    Marilyn Kockrow, Applied Sciences Dept. ???


Shannon informed committee that she had expected a series of requests from Marilyn to send a group of faculty from Applied Sciences to The Collaboration conference in November. Applied Sciences had applied for and received grants from The Collaboration to attend the conference free of registration costs.  Shannon had not yet received the requests. Doug informed the committee he thought Marilyn had found other funding to support the request. Given our current financial situation, with $20,000 left for the next six months, the committee agreed that we would likely not have had the funds to send the entire department anyway. However, committee believes it is important for OLC faculty to attend this conference and we do want Doug to attend the FDC sessions at the conference on our behalf. Committee expressed pleasure that we are going to be well represented.


As no further business was pending, meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.