Faculty Development Committee


Minutes – 11/04/2005


2:000pm – Humanities Department


Committee Members Present:

Holly Boomer

Doug Noyes

Shannon Calitri

Marty Red Bear



Incoming members:

Kim He Crow

Jean Reeves





Minutes of 10/21/05:



Holly Boomer – Motion to accept minutes

Marty Red Bear – Second

Motion passed unanimous




Operations Discussion:


  • The paperwork processing to approve and manage travel needs to be streamlined so the committee does not have to be involved with approving changes in specific line items if travel costs change between the time of the request and the time of the actual travel.
  • This will also facilitate the Business Office operations as Arlene has to contact the committee if a requestee’s costs exceed the amount we approve for specific items
  • Doug volunteered to update the form to expedite processing and get the process out of the committee after approval


Meeting during holiday break:


  • Committee discussed holding a retreat meeting during the holiday break to bring the new members up to speed and to plan for operations once the new grant comes into effect. Also, the committee needs to plan for a site visit from the Bush Foundation and become familiar with the new grant proposal.
  • Holly and Shannon will investigate hotels and locations in Rapid City to conduct the meeting.



Funding Requests –


1.)    Steven Potter, IT Dept. ($1,500.00) – Tuition support for MBA in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.



Holly Boomer– Motion to accept request

Marty Red Bear - Second

Motion passed unanimous


2.)    Holly Boomer, Humanities Dept., ($345) – To take a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course



Marty Red Bear – Motion to have Kateri re-apply through her academic department

Doug Noyes – Second

Motion passed unanimous


3.)    Kari Baker, Nursing Dept., ($1,300) – Tuition Support toward Masters in Nursing



Holly Boomer – Motion to accept

Marty Red Bear – Second

Motion passed unanimous


4.)    Andrew Thompson ($1,500+) – Attend IRB Conference



·        Is this related to Andy’s area of study or expertise? As we are focusing on tuition support at this time rather than conferences and also since this request is to help OLC more than individual faculty development it does not fit within the grant guidelines as well as we would like.

·        Committee does not want to refuse Andy’s request as it will assist OLC’s Institutional Review Board in our overall committee structure, but we do not feel this is the best expenditure for us.

·        Committee recommends that Andy ask Dr. Giraud to support the expenditure as it is more appropriate as an expense from the Academic/Instructional Division. If Dr. Giraud refuses, committee will reconsider Andy’s request.

·        Shannon will notify Andy of this decision.



Meeting adjourned 3:05 p.m.