Minutes—Friday, March 28, 2008



Present:  Joan Nelson, Craig Howe, Karen Lone Hill, Pat Lee.  (Absent, Larry Salway)



The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Chairman Craig Howe.  Pat served as the recorder. 


Opening Prayer was given by Pat Lee


Minutes from the last meeting were used as the agenda for discussion.


Everyone should keep a file containing records of meetings, the Full Time Faculty Evaluation Policy and Procedure and related documents for referral at meetings.


Discussion on definition of terms continued, what does “comparable institution” mean; does “four” on page 3 mean “five”; and as to the Summative Faculty Review, is the provision for departmental review intended to include departmental recommendation?


Dr. Gerard joined the committee at 11:00 a.m. for the purpose of clarification of requirements.


With input from Dr. Gerard who was involved in drafting the policy, several clarifications were made for the purpose of providing answers and explanations to the faculty. 




On page 3 of the policy at the very top states that “Plans may focus on one of several of these content categories, but yearly formative evaluation will address all four.”  Dr. Gerard verified that the statement on page 3 refers to the list of criteria on page 2 which contains five categories; Therefore, the word “five” replaces the word “four” at the top of page 3.  


On page 3 the first paragraph under Summative Faculty Review provides that “After three years of departmental review the faculty member will be eligible to apply for Peer and Administrative Review and a 3 year contract award.”  Dr. Gerard explained that the intent of the policy is described under Eligibility for multi-year contracts, that a full-time faculty member must complete a 3-year contract before he or she is eligible for a 5-year contract.  The first paragraph under Summative Faculty Review is struck because it is inaccurate and confusing.


Discussion centered on the distinction between a 3-year contract and three 1-year contracts.  A 3-year contract is binding on OLC and the faculty may not be removed except for good cause.  Under a 1-year contract the faculty member may be removed by simple non-renewal of the 1-year “at-will” contract.  Removal for good cause applies to all employees and the grievance procedures in the Personnel Manual are available to all employees regardless of contract duration.


Upon entering into a 3-yer contract, the faculty member is paid a one-time salary increase in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000) which remains in the base salary over the following three years.  Cost-of-living adjustments are not affected by the one-time salary increase.


The establishment of the Peer Review Committee followed a poll of faculty members who expressed interest in such a policy and procedure.  The “Peer” Review Committee consists of a five-member committee, a majority of which should be faculty members so that the make-up of the committee would be consistent with its name. (Peer Review Committee).


Karen has provided Lakota terms corresponding to the hierarchy of full-time faculty positions.


Definition of Terms:  the term “comparable institution” means an accredited degree-granting educational institution.


Peer Review Committee means:  A five-member committee with a majority of full-time faculty members




Joan will get the poll numbers from Jaimie Lee indicating the number of faculty who participated in voting to adopt the Full Time Faculty Evaluation Policy and Procedure.  This task will be done on April 1, 2008. This information contributes to information about the genesis of the policy.


Karen will edit the policy by tracking the changes in the body of the policy indicating proposed changes in the policy resulting from the meeting.  She will email the document to the committee and the committee will review the edited policy on April 4.


The Committee will meet in Deadwood on Friday, April 4, 2004, at the hour of 4:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Franklin Hotel.  A Survey Form will be designed to poll the faculty members on their plan to apply for a 3-year contract by December 1, 2008.  The committee will give a presentation on the newly adopted Full Time Faculty Evaluation and Procedure.  Pat will not be available on Saturday because he teaches a graduate class on Saturdays. 


Committee members will serve on the Peer Review Committee until May, 2009, at which time the staggered terms will be determined and will go into effect.


Larry is scheduled to preside at the next meeting which is set for April 11, 2008.  Joan offered to record, and her gracious offer was accepted unanimously.