Institutional Development Committee Meeting Minutes

Year 2003-2004
















Cedarface, Paul













Clifford, Dawn













Danner, Sarah













Elliott, William













Fineran, Milton













Heriba, Adel













Janis, Karlene













Kockrow, Marilyn













Lessert, Jerry













Mannel, Sylvio













Miller, Mike













Quist, Arlene













Robertson, Paul













Roman, Jay













Sam, Angie













Sandoval, Deig













Saunders, Samuel













Swift Hawk, Phyllis













White Butterfly, Karen













White Shield, Sandy













E-mail addresses:  A. Sam             D. Clifford

P. Swift Hawk          A. Quist

S. Danner              Jay Roman

W. Elliott  or       S. Mannel

M. Kockrow or  

P. Cedar Face or

S. Saunders         J. Lessert

S. White Shield          P. Robertson


Chair Samuel Saunders opened the meeting at 1:15. 

Chair asked for nominations for a new Chair. 

Angie Sam moved to elect Samuel Saunders and move nominations cease.

Jerry Lessert seconded the motion.

Motion carried by unanimous vote


Vice Chair- Sarah nominated Angie Sam

Seconded by Milton Fineran. 

Motion for nominations to cease.

Seconded by Jerry Lessert

Motion Carried by unanimous vote


Secretary—Angie Sam nominated Marilyn Kockrow

Jerry Seconded motion.

Angie moved to cease nominations.

Jay seconded

Motion carried by unanimous vote.


Charges to Institutional Development Committee:

  1. Refine processes to implement the Strategic Plan and the departmental/unit annual plans.
  2. Develop definitions for OLC’s semester offerings, i.e. “course,” “section,” distance delivered classes, etc.
  3. Review conflicting/duplicate policies in the Policies & Procedures Manual.


Report from Sub-Committees:

Policy & Procedure Review Committee – Marilyn withdrew from chair of sub-committee.   Advised there were no specifics as to where the official copy is held.  It was determined that the Official Copy is held in the President’s Office.  Much communication about whether the BOT should be reviewed.  Samuel asked Marilyn if she would remain as chair of subcommittee.  Marilyn advised yes.  Marilyn advised that she would make copies of the first part of the manual to be reviewed and give to Sandy white Shield and Milton Fineran.

1:35 Paul Robertson came.


By-Laws Subcommittee  Chair, Samuel Saunders advised he would mail copies of modified by-laws.


Health Committee Chair, Angie Sam advised the same members would continue on.  Advised decision was to stay with Wellmark BC & BS.   Advised they had two options family or self.  Advised the majority of the staff chose self or family.  Vision carrier would be Vision Select VSP—Preferred Provider.  Effective in September.  The bad side is that if you don’t have the health insurance, you can’t have the vision.  Delta Dental is still the dental provider.  (26 people did waivers)


During mid-October, employees will receive a print out of benefits.


Sub-Committee for PWO Handbook reported most things involved the by-laws.    They wanted suggestions for modifications to the by-laws.   Advised they tried to make the centers aware of the big differences.


Sub-Committee, Karlene, Paul, Milton, and Sarah are working on the hiring and recruitment issues.


Question—What is the history of the Strategic Plan?  It should be planned from the bottom up.  Charge #1—What do you plan to do.  It should reflect as a percentage as to what can be done.  Sub-committee members for Charge # 1 are Jay, Paul R. and Sarah.


Charge # 2  Samuel advised he would check with Instructional and the VP for clarification.

Charge # 3  Review conflicting/duplicate policies.  Committee members are Marilyn, Milton, and Sandy.


There was a lot of discussion on the number of pay periods that employees want.   Advised that Instructional are on 20 pay periods and staff are on 26.

Charge # 4  How would we implement 26 pay periods?

Marilyn moved to delay this charge.

Jay seconded the motion.

Motion carried by unanimous vote

Motion to adjourn by Angie Sam

Seconded by Sandy white Shield

Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM