Institutional Review Committee

10-14-05 Minutes


After a short prayer the meeting was called to order at 10:04 am. In attendance were Sandy White Shield, Bill Elliott, Michael Miller, Cliff DeLong, Lorie Broberg, Adel Heriba , Julie, Paul Cedar Face and late comers Michelle Melvin and Sarah Danner.


A motion was made by Lori and seconded by Bill to approve the minutes of the Sept. 9, 05 meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


Under New Business the Insurance sub-committee gave its report. Bill reported that because of Head Start we will add 150 employees to the Oglala Lakota College employee pool. It was determined that employees from Head Start who base at Piya Wiconi will be solicited to be involved on the Institutional Review Committee and Insurance sub-committee. Bill will also work on a Moddle site for insurance information access by employees. Bill gave an explanation of insurance deductibles and how they work: The deductible has to be paid for hospital costs before the 80% 20% kicks in. This means that you pay the deductible before Wellmark starts paying. When they start paying they pay 80% and you pay 20% until you have reached the maximum out of pocket, after that time they cover 100% The deductible and the coinsurance is added together to determine the maximum out of pocket. The deductible for single is $2500, for family is $5000, the maximum out of pocket for single is $5000, the maximum out of pocket for family is $10,000. For out of network coverage the breakdown for payouts is 60% paid and 40% coinsurance. Just one more thing to refresh your mind - single premium is $261.6, same out of pocket. Family premium is $654.18.
A survey of participants was suggested. Lori moved to create a survey for next year, and Julie seconded it. Motion passed.


Regarding the policy review committee, Sandy will determine the next section of the policy to be reviewed and members of the review committee will be notified.


The Tech committee has created a draft tech plan. Cliff reports that WebCT and BlackBoard merged this week and Oglala Lakota College has joined a consortium of users for Jenzabar. Jenzabar Learning Management system will be implemented over the Christmas break.


There was a discussion relating to the IRB and its structure. Sarah moved to ask Dr. Giraud to report to this committee on why there seems to be a change. Adel seconded the motion. 2 for the motion, 3 against, 1 abstention. Motion failed.


Since there was confusion on what the motion being voted on was Sandy moved to resubmit the motions and vote. Bill seconded. Motion passed. Bill moved that we keep the IRB structure as is, Sandy seconded. Bill amended the motion to mean the way that the committee was set up, with two sub-committees, one for humans and one for animals. Motion passed five in favor, two abstentions.


It was noted that Paul Cedar Face expressed a strong interest in the Insurance Committee.


At 11:42 Sandy moved, Sarah seconded to adjourn. Next meeting is 11-4-05 face to face at Piya Wiconi. Meeting adjourned.