Institutional Development Committee

November 4, 2005 Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 1:18 pm by Chairman,  Cliff Delong.


Opening Prayer was led by Paul Cedar Face.


Institutional Development rather than Institutional Affairs should be reflected in the pryor minutes. 


Cliff gave a brief description of the committee to new people in attendance.


Minutes of the past meeting were passed out for review.  Paul moved to approve the minutes with Julies last name added and the word review changed to development.  Wilmer seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


There was a discussion of the Institutional Review Boards status. 


Policy Review:  Sandy offered policies 51-000 thru 69-350-1 for review this year.  Review is to be limited to grammar and punctuation with changes being discussed with those people having responsibility for the related policy.  Content is not to be altered.  Policies 51-000 thru 58-100 will be reviewed by next meeting. 


Bill Elliot:  Bill reported that there is interest in using surveys to determine what people want in insurance.  Bill has developed a Moodel site for information on insurance topics.  Wellmark can be linked to Moodel.  Bill showed the features of the Moodel site.  Bill would like direction of how much information to put on the site.  He has a concern of how much of the sub-committee work should be on the site.  The Chair commends Bill on his presentation.


Cliff’s report: Title 3 funds have been used to secure Jenzabar services.  The goal is to have all full-time instructors have an instructional wireless laptop.  Blackboards license expires in Jan.  This year the license will be $13,500.   A decision will need to be made to keep Blackboard or not.  Work is still going on with the Technology plan.


All Staff meeting:  There was discussion regarding the new make-up of the governance committees. 


Paul moved to adjourn.  Phyllis seconded.  Motion passes.


Doug Patton is alternate for Continuing Ed. (Community)