Institutional Affairs Committee Meeting

February 10, 2006


Cliff DeLong called the meeting to order at 11:47.


Jerry moved to approve minutes from the last meeting, seconded by Paul.

Motion passed unanimously.


Sandy reported that the OLC Policy is now presented in 4 formats which will make it easier to review and update the policy.  Paul requests to be taken off the Policy sub-committee due to being chair of the Insurance Committee.  Dawn Clifford and Irvine will help Sandy review the needed policies.


Paul reported that there will be a meeting to discuss a survey for the employees regarding health coverage.  Deductible amounts are an issue that needs to be addressed.   Bill gave a run down of high vs low deductibles and what they mean for the users of the policies. is where to go to view your policy information. 


Cliff urges use of the OLC mail system. 

Pearl put forth questions regarding the life insurance policies taken through OLC. 

Cliff reports that there have been no more meetings regarding the online courses.


Jerry moved to adjourn, seconded by Paul, passed unanimously.