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Institutional Development Committee

October 13, 2006

Minutes Corrected on November 3, 2006

Members present:  Michelle Bruns, William T. Elliot, Sarah Coulter Danner, Paula Nelson, Larry Gauer, Ursula Gaertner, Cliff DeLong, Milton Fineran, Jerry Lessert, Phyllis Swift Hawk, Lisa Grimes, Pearl Cottier, Larry Salway, Arlene Quist (ex officio).


Members absent:  Marilyn Kockrow, Paul T. Cedar Face, Christina Janis, Deig Sandoval.


Dan Koopman introduced a policy proposal for tuition waiver for students on suspension

A tuition waiver would allow students to retake foundation courses for the purpose of a “3 try” guarantee. If they fail once, they can come back twice to improve their GPA in order to get back on Financial Aid.  The hope is to get this policy passed by December 2006. Dan handed out hard copies of the proposed policy for consideration by the Policy and Procedure task force and by the Institutional Development Committee.


Committee called to order 10:52 a.m. by Vice Chair, Cliff DeLong,

Agenda was unavailable.


Prayer by Phyllis Swift Hawk.


Approval of Minutes of September 8, 2006

Larry Gauer moves to approve the minutes,

Michelle Bruns seconds,

Minutes approved with one abstention.


Subcommittee Reports:


Bill reported about having one meeting and discussion about benefits.

Dakota Care is the other major player and the carrier for hospitals. The State insurance board certifies carriers; there are other carriers, i.e. Blue Shield, Johnson, and Dakota Care.  Bill talked to Sherry Matthews to let her know that Marilyn Kockrow is the chair of the sub-committee



Cliff started his report but was called away.


Policy and Procedure:

Ursula reported that the task force met on 9-8-06..  Ursula is sub-committee chair. 

(Cliff rejoined the meeting.)


Subcommittee received the okay from President Shortbull by e-mail to go ahead and rework the procedures for Policy Manual Maintenance.

Ursula informed the committee that Lenora Hudson had pointed out inconsistencies in section 60-69.  Also, Lenora asked for a new policy.  Ursula asked for clarification on who can bring new policies to the committee.  Arlene clarified to say that anyone can bring a new policy forward (as originators and formulators) as long as they are part of Oglala Lakota College.

Ursula will inform Lenora;

Also, information needs to be gathered from Sandy White Shield regarding how far the subcommittee advanced in reviewing existing policies.

Cliff asks for clarification: Can the subcommittee make substantive changes.  The answer was no; any substantive changes need to be brought before the institutional development committee for approval and be sent forward. 


Cliff finished his Technology report: 

Technology subcommittee discussed the budget for next year.  Cliff appreciated Jerry Giraud being present.  One item that was discussed was replacing the mail server and monitors for video conferencing.


New Business:

Cliff reads new policy on tuition waivers; discussion; 

Decision to incorporate this policy into existing policy on “Tuition” 82-100 as “D” following section C II. Veteran Debt Waiver.  Subsequent sections receive sequential alphabetical letter.


Arlene points out that “fee paying student” needs to be defined;


Pearl asks which courses we are talking about.  Clarification provided by Cliff.


Pearl moves to table the policy on tuition waivers until the meaning of “fee paying” and 083/093 courses is clarified and the policy re-submitted.

Jerry seconds the motion.

Motion passed unanimously.


Cliff asks about further business.

Larry Gauer moves to adjourn

Milton seconds,

Motion passed

Meeting adjourned 11:45 a.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by

Ursula Gaertner