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Institutional Development Committee

January 19, 2007


Members present see attached (U. Gaertner arrived at 1:30 p.m. due to confusion about time and place of the meeting.)

Members absent: see attached


1.) 12 noon - Meeting called to order by Chair, Paul Cedar Face;


2) Opening Prayer by Bryan.


3) Insurance Subcommittee

Sherry Matthews from Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield presented insurance

options, a comparison between the current plan and two alternative plans; she also

presented a plan for Avesis Vision and Rx Drugs.

The new plan will start October 1, 2007;

the recommendation is to stay with Wellmark rather than switch to Dakota Care.

Christina J. advised the switch from VSB to Avesis beginning in March 2007.

Decision to have a special meeting to go over the new figures.

Everything is on hold; presentation will be made to the next all staff (February 9,



4. Motion to approve Minutes of 12-1-2007 by L. Gauer, seconded by Deig S.;



5. Subcommittee reports continued:

b) Policy and Procedure Ursula G. informed the committee that the subcommittee

is continuing to work on editing the P/P Manual with section 50-59. Meeting

with subcommittee has to be scheduled to divide the task.

c.) Technology no report

Bill Elliott informed the committee that they are updating the computers and



6. No new business


7. Motion to adjourn by Marilyn K.; Ursula G seconded;



Minutes respectfully submitted by Ursula Gaertner