Institutional Development Committee Meeting 11.2.2007

Members present:  Paul Cedarface, Larry Salway, Marcell Bull Bear, Milton Fineran, Sarah Danner, Phyllis Swift Hawk, Larry Gauer, Tiffany Lamont, Michelle Bruns, Cliff De Long and Pearl Cottier.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order at 10:50 AM.

Marcell Bull Bear gave the opening prayer.

Sarah Danner moved and Phyllis Swift Hawk seconded that the minutes be approved.  Motion passed without objection.

Benefits Committee

Chairman Paul read an email from William Elliott who could not be present due to illness.

Here are the contents:

     I am having trouble with my eyes this morning and would like to be excused from the committee meeting today as I am taking sick.

As far as the benefits sub-committee is concerned and my report I have not done any further investigation of the statistics from Welmark, however Arlene is right that the participation rate is higher than the one graph we looked at seemed to indicate.

Note that as far as my report is concerned, and the presence of Aflac and other short-term insurance providers freelancing at the college, the college is also apparently the target of short-term loan agents, as I found a flyer from one of these (a bank) in my mailbox after our last committee meeting. One of the business office people took it from me when I went in to approach Arlene about it and said that the organization in question had been "chased off" the previous day. But the flyers had not been removed from all the mailboxes. Well in any event, it is something to be concerned about as it does subject our employees to the risk of unethical organizations, and without committee review by OLC.

That is my report.

Thanks and have a good committee meeting.

 Chairman Paul approved this email as Bill’s report.

Policy Review sub-committee

Larry Gauer stated that he had still been unable to garner a copy of the Piya Wiconi Okolokiceye handbook.

Technology sub-committee

Cliff gave a brief report on shipping and installation progress of new hardware.

New Business

Cliff De Long moved and Larry Gauer seconded that the words “and fees” be struck from sub-section E of Policy 82-100.  Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion ensued regarding lab fees being charged for online courses.

Tiffany Lamont moved to adjourn, Larry Gauer seconded the motion.  Motion Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Cliff De Long, recording secretary