Institutional Development Committee Meeting 12.7.2007

Members present:   Paul Cedarfac e, Bryan Charging Cloud, Tiffany Lamont , Larry Gauer,  Cliff De Long.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order at  1:11 PM.

Bryan Charging Cloud gave the opening prayer.

Old Business

At the last meeting Cliff De Long moved and Larry Gauer seconded that the words “and fees” be struck from sub-section E of Policy 82-100.  Motion passed unanimously.

Lori Broberg, Piya Wiconi Chairperson reported on the action taken by her committee regarding this motion and promised to fix it with Tom Short Bull next week.

Larry Gauer moved and Tiffany LaMont seconded that the minutes be approved as amended.  Motion passed without objection.

Benefits Committee

Policy Review sub-committee

Larry Gauer reported that he had received the Piya Wiconi Okolikiciye handbook from Paul Cedarface and is assigning the Intro to himself, William Elliot will review the Selection and Responsibilities of officers, meetings, Tiffany LaMont  will review the Standing Committees section and  Milton Fineran will review Amendments to by-laws, Policy and Procedure.

Technology sub-committee

Cliff De Long reported that all equipment and software that had been ordered has been installed.  He reported that the Instructional Affairs committee and the Chairs have been notified on the removal of the fee from online courses.

New Business

Chairman Paul Cedarface thanked Arlene Quist for her years of service to the Institutional Development Committee and Oglala Lakota College. He recognized her diligence and noted that her departure represents the loss of a significant asset to the institution.

Tiffany LaMont moved to adjourn, Larry Gauer seconded the motion.  Motion Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Cliff De Long, recording secretary