Institutional Development Committee Meeting January 18, 2008


Members present: Paul Cedarface, Cliff De Long, Brian Charging Cloud, Larry Gauer, Marcell Bull Bear, Milton Fineran, William Elliot.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order 10:37.

Brian Charging Cloud gave the opening prayer.

Chairman Paul Cedraface welcomed Acting Vice-President for Business Andrew Thompson to the Institutional Development Committee as the Administrative ex-officio member.

Andy gave his background of committee work with the college. Paul gave Andy a brief description of the sub-committees and introduced the various chairs.

Old Business

Larry Gauer moved and Milton Fineran seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.

Chairman Paul Cedarface recognized that Michelle Bruns has been excused from the pas three meetings.

Sub-committee reports.


William Elliot discoursed on the political climate potentially leading to nationalized health care. Discussion ensued.

Policy Review

Larry Gauer reported that they had assigned different sections of the Piya Wiconi Okolikiciye manuals for revie to Milton, Tiffany and himself. Larry promised a full report next month.


No meeting last month administrative upgrades have been completed.

New Business

Registration and Advising processes were discussed. The need for formal revision in the Registration and Advising scheduling and processes was recognized.

Chairman Paul Cedarface proposed the institutional development committee meeting location return to Graduate Studies or Applied Science.

Larrry Gauer moved and Brian Charging Cloud seconded adjournment.