Institutional Development Committee Meeting                  March 7, 2008


Members present:   Paul Cedarface, Cliff De Long, Brian Charging Cloud, Larry Gauer, Pearl Cottier, Bill Elliot,  Michelle Bruns, Tiffany Lamont, Sylvia Hollow Horn,  Milton Fineran, Andy Thompson.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order 10:30.

Bryan Charging Cloud gave the opening prayer.

Old Business

Larry Gauer moved and Milton Fineran seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.   Motion approved.

Chairman Paul Cedarface reviewed the policy regarding staff development with the committee.  Discussion ensued.

Sub-committee reports.


Bill Elliot discussed the political candidate’s perspectives on health care.  HSA’s were discussed at length.

Policy Review

Larry Gauer deferred to the sub-committee members.  Bill reported that he was working on section 70.  Milton Fineran mentioned that there had been a couple of updates streamlining the Piya Wiconi Okolokiciye handbook.  Tiffany reported that the Peer Review and other committees were not properly documented in policy.

Larry Gauer moved that Policy #35-002 be amended to recognize the IRB and Peer Review committees as standing committees.  Tiffany Lamont seconded Larry’s motion.   Motion passed unanimously.



Cliff De Long reported on the status of technology at the institution.  Bryan Charging Cloud recognized the quality of service from the IT department.  Chairman Cedarface recognized the quality of programming on KOLC TV.

New Business


Bryan Charging Cloud moved for adjournment and Milton Fineran seconded.