Institutional Development Committee Meeting                              April 18, 2008


Members present:   Paul Cedarface, Cliff De Long, Milton Fineran, Marcel Bull Bear, Andy Thompson, Shirley Colleen Mousseaux. 

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order 10:30.

Marcel Bull Bear gave the opening prayer.

Old Business

 Milton Fineran moved and Shirley Mousseaux  seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.   Motion approved.

Chairman Paul Cedarface recognized that the amendment motion of Policy #35-002 is outstanding.

Shirley Mousseaux moved that this amendment be tabled pending research with Dr. Giraud.  Marcel Bull Bear seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

Sub-committee reports.


Chairman Bill Elliot has resigned.  Chairman will continue with Chris Janis in his absence.

Policy Review

Chairman Larry Gauer has resigned.  Chairman Cedarface appointed Milton Fineran to assume the chair.


Cliff De Long reported on the status of technology at the institution.   Cliff De Long moved and Milton Fineran seconded that Policies 72-500, 72-510 be struck from the Policy Manual.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business


Andy Thompson recognized as ex-officio the long-standing efforts of William Elliot on the benefits committee as well as Larry Gauer’s time spent on this committee. 

Cliff De Long moved for adjournment and Shirley Mousseaux seconded.