Institutional Development Committee Meeting                  May 9, 2008


Members present:   Paul Cedarface, Cliff De Long, Brian Charging Cloud, Milton Fineran, Chris Janis.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order 1320.

Bryan Charging Cloud gave the opening prayer.

Old Business

 Christina Janis moved and Marcel Bull Bear seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.   Motion approved.

Chairman Cedarface commended the members of the Institutional Development Committee for their participation during this year.

Sub-committee reports.


Christina Janis reported that the representative from Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield will be available the afternoon of May 20th.  Chairman Cedarface and Vice-President for Business Andrew Thompson will be in attendance.   Christina brought forward addenda to Policy 64-320 “To be eligible for maternity leave, an employee must successfully pass the probationary period.”

Cliff De Long moved and Marcell Bull Bear seconded that the addition be made to sub-part A.  Motion passed unanimously.


Policy Review

Acting Chairman Milton Fineran stated that there was no report for this month. 


Cliff De Long reported that Piya Wiconi Okolokiciye tabled the motion to strike the PictureTel Compensation policy.  He also reported on current institutional technological initiatives.

New Business


Milton Fineran mentioned for the record that he appreciated  the officer’s efforts.

Marcell Bull Bear moved for adjournment and Christina Janis seconded.