Institutional Development Committee Meeting                  September 5, 2008


Members present:   Paul Cedarface, Chris Noordsy, Tiffany Lamont, Michelle Bruns, Sylvia Hollow Horn , Cliff De Long, Brian Charging Cloud, Milton Fineran, Chris Janis.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order at 1:10 PM.

Bryan Charging Cloud gave the opening prayer.

Election of Officers

Cliff De Long moved and Michelle Bruns seconded the retention of Paul Cedarface as chair and Cliff De Long as recording secretary.  Motion passed unanimously.   Sylvia nominated Milton for Vice Chair.  Milton declined.  Sylvia Hollow Horn nominated Michelle Bruns.  Cliff De Long moved that nominations cease.    Michelle Bruns elected Vice Chair unanimously.

Old Business

 Michelle Bruns moved and Tiffany Lamont seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.   Motion approved.

Sub-committee reports.


Christina Janis reported on the benefit sub-committees selections for this year’s health insurance plan.  Robert Kelly of Kelly Insurance and Dakota Coalition insurance proposals were discussed and the vendor should reinitiate contact in January of 2009.

Policy Review

Acting Chairman Milton Fineran stated that there was no report for this month. 


Cliff De Long reported on current institutional technological initiatives.

New Business

Tiffany LaMont moved for adjournment and Michelle Bruns seconded.