Institutional Development Committee Meeting                  October 3, 2008


Members present:   Paul Cedarface, Chris Noordsy, Michelle Bruns, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Phyllis
Swift Hawk, Cliff De Long, Brian Charging Cloud, Milton Fineran, Christina Janis, Kathy Aplan, Gloria Eastman, Marcell Bull Bear, Tiffany LaMont.

Chairman Paul Cedarface called the meeting to order at 10:55 AM.

Marcell Bull Bear gave the opening prayer.

Old Business

 Michelle Bruns moved and Sylvia Hollow Horn seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.   Motion approved.

Sub-committee reports.

Policy Review

Chairman Milton Fineran stated that there was no report for this month.  Milton will contact Ursula this month in regards to policy review.   Discussion ensued regarding recruitment of additional members to the Policy Review subcommittee.  Current members of the subcommittee are:  Milton Fineran, Chris Noordsy, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Tiffany Lamont.


Christina Janis reported on Open Season and changes in benefits.  She reported increases in costs.  Chairman Cedarface asked that an allstaff email be sent in regards to benefits and statistics referring thereto.  Committee members are Christina Janis, Paul Cedarface, Phyllis Swift Hawk, Bryan Charging Cloud, Marcell Bull Bear.


Cliff De Long reported on current institutional technological initiatives.  He emphasized the need for data security.  Discussion ensued regarding community members use of college facilities.


New Business

Chairman Cedarface read a letter from Julie Goings recommending that an Ethics subcommittee be formed under the auspices of the Institutional Development Committee.  Paul stated that this discussion will be continued with Julie Goings in attendance next month.  Cliff De Long moved that an ad hoc subcommittee be formed to investigate whether there is a need for an Ethics committee at Oglala Lakota College.  Phyllis Swift Hawk seconded the motion. Motion passed.  Two abstentions.  Cliff will get in touch with Julie and request that she chair the ad hoc subcommittee.

Sylvia Hollow Horn moved for adjournment and Bryan Charging Cloud seconded.