Institutional Development Committee Meting

November 6, 2009


Members Present:  Milton Fineran (left early), Sandy White Shield (left early), Marcel Bull Bear, Chris Noordsy, Rainey Benson, Judy Dawkins, Michelle Bruns, Cliff De Long, Phinet Red Owl, Donna Red Ear Horse and Loretta Red Feather.


A new member joined the committee this meeting:  Lorie Broberg.  A special welcome to her.


Vice-Chairman Michelle Bruns called the meting to order at 10:50 AM.


Marcel Bull Bear gave the opening prayer.


Lori Broberg moved and Sandy White Shield seconded that the minutes be approved as submitted.


Personnel Director Christine Janis reported that a substantial rate increase was imposed by Wellmark effective October 1st.  She will send out an allstaff email delineating the rate increases. 


Policy and Procedures sub-committee chair Milton Fineran reported that the center directors have yet to address the center use policy.  Milton reported that he had requested guidance from administration in reference to the intent/charge/purpose of the sub-committee.


Vice-Chairperson Michelle Bruns AGAIN directed the Policy Review subcommittee to review Policy 61-420 and to return with their recommendations for the definitions of family and relative.  Discussion ensued regarding inclusion of a grandfather clause in the policy as well as nepotism as it relates to supervision  The nepotism policy should be rewritten to be institution-wide rather than applying specifically to the Board of Trustees.  We need to have a definition of “nepotism”.


Technology sub-committee chairman Cliff De Long gave no report.


No new business


Sylvia Hollow Horn moved to adjourn, Phinet Red Owlseconded the motion