Institutional Development Committee Minutes April 9, 2010

Members present:  Paul Cedarface, Arlene Quist (ex-officio), Deig Sandoval, Phinet Red Owl, Rainey Benson, Marcel Bull Bear, Tiffany Lamont, Michelle Bruns, Phyllis Swift Hawk, Milton Fineran, Donna Red Ear Horse, Josie Chase, Cliff De Long.

Chairman Cedarface called the meeting to order at 11:15 AM.

Deig Sandoval gave the opening prayer.

Old business. 

Michelle Bruns moved and Rainey Benson seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as submitted.

Benefits sub-committee.  No Report.

Policy Review sub-committee.  No Report.

Technology sub-committee.  Chairman Cliff De Long reported that the Pahin Sinte College Center portable lab has been installed and configured.  He reported that the student laptops had been shipped to the bookstore.  He reported that he and MidContinent Communications would be onsite at He Sapa April 13 for new telecommunications infrastructure installation.  He also reported on the status of the technology sub-committee’s research on a new multi-site videoconferencing system as well as their discussions regarding the implementation of Windows 7 and Office 2010 in the college centers for the fall semester.

New Business

Arlene Quist (ex-officio), brought forth the following proposed addition to Policy 67-300-1 (addition is italicized)


BOT 06-29-2006





1.      Tuition Waivers


All employees will be granted tuition cost waivers when no other financial aid is available or when sufficient financial aid is not available.  Full-time faculty and staff will also be granted reasonable leave time and travel time to attend courses offered by Oglala Lakota College leading to the next highest college degree at one of the satellite centers (i.e. 30 miles of travel = 45 minutes time/weather is a considerable factor).  Only one course may be taken during working hours with sufficient travel time granted to drive to and from the center of attendance.  If additional course work is requested, leave time will be arranged between the supervisor and employee (i.e. comp. time, annual leave, etc.).  Tuition waivers will also be granted to adjunct faculty and part time employees, but no leave time will

be granted by OLC.


If any other financial aid is awarded to the student for the semester, including scholarships, it will first be applied to non-tuition costs (other fees).  Any remaining financial aid will be applied to tuition cost with the balance being waived. If Pell is awarded during the same Pell year that the staff tuition waiver is granted, it will not be applied to prior semester cost as long as the employee has set up a payroll deduction to cover their school bill of not less than $12.50 per pay period.  If a payroll deduction has not been set up, Pell allows for the Pell to be applied to any time during the school year and it will be applied to prior semesters of the current Pell year.


Cliff De Long moved and Dieg Sandoval seconded that this proposed addition be approved and routed to Piya Wiconi Okolokiciye.  Motion passed unanimously.

Cliff De Long moved for adjournment and Dieg Sandoval provided the second.