September 17, 2010


Institutional Development Committee


Members present-Milton Fineran-excused, Arlene Quist, Lorie Broberg, Kirk Costion, Lilias Jarding, Paul Cedar Face, Rainey Benson, Cliff Delong, Deig Sandoval, Gloria Eastman, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Marcell Bull Bear-left msg was at the clinic-excused.


Paul Cedar Face-Chairman call meeting to order at 10:35 am.

Paul Cedar Face gave opening prayer.

Chairman Cedar Face opened the floor for nominations for Chairperson.

Rainey Benson nominated-Lorie Broberg

Dieg Sandoval nominated Gloria Eastman

Cliff Delong moved that nominations cease. Lilas Jarding 2nd.

Lorie-4 votes

Gloria-2 votes

Lilias Jarding and Kirk Costion abstained.

Cliff motioned to adjourn, seconded, motion passed.

Lorie Broberg Chairwoman called the meeting to order at 10:45 AM and opened the floor for volunteers for VC and Secretary.

Cliff Delong volunteered to be VC without objection

Gloria Eastman volunteered to be Secretary without objection.

Approval of old minutes-Paul Cedar Face 1st, Rainey Benson-2nd, all approved.

Sub-Committee Reports

Report on Benefits-Christine Janis, Sub-Committee Chair-no report.

Policy/Procedure-Lorie Broberg will remain Sub-Committee Chair, Sylvia Hollow Horn being a member.

Technology-Cliff Delong, will remain Sub-Committee Chair.

Report:  Cliff gave a discourse on the state of technology at the institution.

New Business:

Arlene Quist shared about CLERY report that will be implemented via Registrars and sent out to the College Centers and different programs and departments to report any crimes or violent activity.

Resignations-Michelle Bruns.

We need more members, Center Director Representative, and Student Representative, bring a friend next time.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:40 am. 1st by Paul Cedar Face and 2nd by Cliff Delong. All in favor.