Institutional Development Committee

January 21, 2011


Members in attendance:

Shawn Reinhart

Arlene Quist

Gwen Young Bear

Rainey Benson

Lilias Jarding

Cliff Delong

Lorie Broberg

Milton Fineran

Loretta Red Feather

Sylvia Hollow Horn

Tiffany Lamont

Deig Sandoval

Gloria Eastman

Christina Janis

Eric Christensen

Phyllis Swift Hawk-e-mailed that she had to stay at the ENCC.


Chairperson Lorie Broberg called the meeting to order at 10:35 AM.

Woksape-Cliff Delong

Approval of minutes- motion made by Cliff Delong, 2nd by Lilas Jarding., All in Favor.

Committee reports:

Policy-No information.

Insurance-No report.

Technology-Cliff Delong gave report on progress of new building at HeSapa, a wall will have to be torn down thus halting progress for now. Gave take on security assessment of Oglala Lakota Collegeís server. Milton Fineran asked about webinars, and if they can be used or accessed via our internet. Cliff Delong said yes.

Other Business-

Lori Broberg-26 pay periods for Oglala Lakota College faculty and others interested in switching. The change will have to be a requirement and not an option for employees. Change will start at beginning of contracts. Discussed whether or not Jenzabar had the capability or not to do 26 pay periods. Motion made by Cliff Delong to table the discussion of changing the pay periods till March agenda. 2nd by Eric Christensen., All in favor.

Motion to adjourn made by Tiffany Lamont and 2nd by Sylvia Hollow Horn, All in Favor.

Meeting adjourned at 11:23