Institutional Development Committee

February 4, 2011


Members present:

Deig Sandovla

Tiffany Lamont

 Christy Lone Elk

Sylvia Hollow Horn

Shawn Reinhart

Lilias Jarding

Arlene Quist

Lorie Broberg

Gloria Eastman

Marcel Bull Bear

Milton Fineran

Cliff Delong


Chair person Lorie Broberg called meeting to order at 11:17AM.

Woksape (Words of Encourgement)-Cliff Delong

Approval of Minutes-motion made by Cliff Delong 2nd by Shawn Reinhart, All in Favor

Committee reports:

Policy-No report

Insurance-Mary Kaiser from Well Mark will set up a meeting time for renewals.

Technology- Quotes are in for the student laptops and they will review them.

New business:

Need to review Policy 62-105-Prohibition Against Full Time Outside Employment.

Apparently faculty is teaching at another institution while working thus “double-dipping”. Lorie Broberg attached other comparable policies from University of Rochester, University of Colorado at Boulder, and University of Kentucky for review.

Milton Fineran stated that he had a copy of the policy before it was updated in 9-22-09.

Cliff Delong made the motion to send it to the sub-committee for review.

Deig Sandoval 2nd the motion. 1-abstain, 11-in favor.

Old Business:

Arlene Quist stated that President Tom Short Bull was not in favor of switching over to the 26 Pay Periods. No further discussion is needed.


Motion to adjourn made by Cliff Delong, 2nd by Sylvia Hollow Horn, All in favor.

Meeting adjourned 11:30 AM.