Institutional Development Committee

March 11, 2011


Members Present:

Shawn Reinhart

Arlene Quist

Gloria Eastman

Phyllis Swift Hawk

Rainey Benson

Lilias Jarding

Lorie Broberg

Loretta Red Feather

Sylvia Hollow Horn

Cassie Big Crow

Milton Fineran

Deig Sandoval

Marcel Bull Bear


Chairperson Lorie Broberg called meeting to order at 11:00 A.M.

Woksape-Gloria Eastman

Approval of Minutes-Motion to approve minutes was made by Lilias Jarding and 2nd by Shawn Reinhart. 11-in favor of motion.

Committee Reports:

Policy Review Subcommittee- No report, Lori Broberg will send information to other subcommittee member for their review.

Insurance Subcommittee-No new information, no news about meeting with Well Mark representative being here to visit with employees.

Technology Subcommittee-Cliff Delong is not present but sent an e-mail with an update. As per e-mail The student laptops have all arrived at the bookstore - the CDs for Office 2010 have not yet arrived from TigerDirect.

President Shortbull and I discussed the Technology Fee and agreed that it should be set at $16 / cr. hr.

for the coming school year.

New Business-There was further discussion about why some classes are still being charged Lab fees. Lori Broberg will bring up the question at the next Dept Chairs meeting.

Other Business-Review of Policy 62-105-Prohibiton Against Full Time Outside Employment.

Presented current policy and a revised policy that was typed up by Lilias Jarding.

Lilias Jarding motioned to approve new policy with corrections. 2nd Sylvia Hollow Horn.

11-in Favor

Chairperson Lorie Broberg will present it to the Piya Wiconi Okolakicye March 18, 2011.


Motion to adjourn made by Milton Fineran, 2nd Phyllis Swift Hawk. 11-in favor

Meeting adjourned 11:30 A.M.