Institutional Development Committee

April 9, 2011

Members Present:

Shawn Reinhart

Arlene Quist

Gloria Eastman

Sylvia Hollow Horn

Milton Fineran

Rainey Benson

Lilias Jarding

Lorie Broberg

Marcel BearBull

Christy Lone Elk

Deig Sandoval

Cliff Delong


Chairperson Lori Broberg called the meeting to order at 10:10 A.M.

         Woksape-Cliff Delong

Approval of minutes-Motion to approve minutes was made by Cliff Delong and 2nd-Sylvia Hollow Horn. 12 in favor.

Policy Review Report-

         Reviewed Admission to teacher education program (Policy)

Motion to approve with revisions-Cliff Delong 2nd-Rainey Benson, 12 in favor.

         Reviewed Admission to Nursing Program (Policy)-Motion to approve with revisions-Cliff Delong, 2nd-Rainey Benson, 12 in favor.

         Reviewed Dorm Admission and Occupancy (Policy)-Lori Broberg advised to return back to committee for revision and bring back to May meeting.

Technology Report-

         New internet connection from Golden West at Pine Ridge and Piya Wiconi

         Student laptops have been disbursed

         Pictels have been upgraded at the centers- able to operate another 3 years.

         Pejuta Haka may receive increased bandwidth- dependent on grant money

         Webmail Pro will be implemented in the fall-11 semester and replaces Tuxedo

         Will be working on Document Retention policy

         Will be going over the faculty needs survey

         Will be looking at purchasing three Promethean boards

         Faculty are wanting large format display for classrooms

         New laser printers for all centers have been ordered.

         Will be meeting with Golden West about broadcasting via cable so that KOLC can reach more homes.

Other business-

         The Policy 62-105 Prohibition Against Full Time Outside Employment-passed the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Committee and is awaiting approval from the Board of Trustees.


Motion to adjourn made by Deig Sandoval, 2nd-Cliff Delong.

Meeting adjourned 11:00 A.M.