Institutional Development Committee


Vice-Chair Cliff De Long called the meeting to order at 10:45 AM.

Members present:  Milton Fineran, Deig Sandoval, Leslie Henry, Michelle Bruns, Shawn Reinhart, Rainey Benson, Diana Cournoyer, Loretta Redfeather, Sylvia Hollow Horn, Lilias Jarding, Deb Tobacco, Pearl Cottier, Phinet Red Owl, Marcel Bull Beart.

The Vice-Chair called for nominations for Recorder.  Michelle Bruns volunteered.  By unanimous acclaim Michelle was selected.

The Vice-Chair called for nominations for Vice-Chair.  Michelle nominated Rainey, Deig nominated Milton.  Milton was selected for vice-chair 8-5.

Nominations for Chair.  Sylvia nominated Cliff Phinet seconded, Pearl Moved that nominations cease Deig seconded.  Cliff was selected.

Lilias moved to approve the minutes as submitted, Rainey seconded.  Motion passed with two abstentions from new committee members.

Policy and Procedures sub-committee:

Sylvia, Deb, Lilias, Diana, Rainey, Milton – chair:  Lilias

Benefits sub-committee:

Deig, Faith Richards (ex-officio), Loretta, Shawn, Phinet, Marcel, Pearl – chair:  Faith or her designated representative.

Technology sub-committee:

Michelle, Leslie, Milton, Cliff –chair:  Cliff

Policy and Procedures sub-committee will pursue the dorm policy revisions and will seek charges from administration.

Benefits sub-committee will meet with the Personnel office regarding insurance and benefits.

Technology committee is currently reviewing bids for the student laptop purchase program.  Cliff mentioned issues with facebook in the college centers.  Discussion ensued regarding distance learning.  Cliff mentioned funding changes in Title III and expressed gratitude for EPSCOR funding.  He mentioned the necessity of assessing the correct technology fee.  It is incorrectly published in the student handbook and the catalog.

Cliff noted that we didn’t open with prayer.

Motion to adjourn from Leslie Henry, seconded by Shawn Reinhart. 

Meeting adjourned 11:40 AM.