Institutional Development Committee

October 14, 2011 10:35

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by  Cliff DeLong at 10:37

Members present: Milton Fineran, Cliff DeLong, Michelle Bruns, Lilias Jardin, Kiri Close, Shawn Reinhart, Marcel Bull Bear, Bill Young, Kylea Fisher, Rainey Benson, Deig Sandoval

Opening Prayer given by Kiri Close

Old Business:

-Motion to approve minutes as submitted made by Michelle Bruns, 2nd by Shawn Rienhart.  Motion passed unanimously.

-Reading of policy 35-000-2, page 6, STANDING COMMITTEES, 2 – reviewed by Cliff DeLong.  Discussion held regarding accreditation. 

New Business:

-Policy and Procedures Sub -Committee:

Reading of policy 36-000-1 – Manual Maintenance Policy.  Policy read and copy of routing slip passed around.  Discussion held regarding other committee’s knowledge of this procedure.

Beginning review of sections 80-9.  Lilias notes that she has put out call for input in these areas and has received none.

Dorm policy revisions.  Lilias updated punctuation and clarified information.  Received entirely different policy regarding Nursing Dorm.  Will continue working on dorm policy.

Whistleblower policy – no work done yet.  Cilff notes that we received a charge in this regard and work should proceed.

Kiri Close will be joining this committee.


-Benefits Sub-Committee

Reading of policy 62-250-1 – Health and Annuity Program (Procedure).  Kylea notes that Faith Richards wants to conduct a survey and has turned survey over to Ursula.  Cliff encouraged communication between Sub-Committee and Faith Richards – and asked that the Sub-Committee review results of survey prior to next meeting and provide a summary of survey and stats on what was paid out last year from Wellmark.  Watch for survey to arrive in your email soon.


-Technology Sub-Committee:

Cliff provided example of new student laptop available for student purchase through bookstore in amount of $500 – out of pocket expense to Pell eligible, full-time students = $0.  20 of these will be put into Pine Ridge laptop cart as well as replacements.  Tech support is prohibited from working on the student machines.  200 laptops total.

Social Media in College Centers – Discussion held regarding what is and is not filtered, and what can be unfiltered by Cliff.  Facebook blocked (hard-blocked) – brought on by community members (non-students) use of College computers neglecting family, students leaving classroom to check Facebook, etc.  No complaints received as of yet.  Manually unfiltered items by request are time-limited.  Discussion held regarding other social media forms, and benefits and pitfalls of not having access to Facebook for community.  Kiri clarified that it was College Center directors (mostly members of the communities they represent) who are most pleased with Facebook being blocked.  Cliff notes that the Implied Consent/Acceptable Use Policy does not address Social Media.

Bill Young will be joining this committee.


-Deletion of Policy 85-300 – Student Support Services Program – Milton notes this is not a “policy” it is a program – was from 1996-97 catalog.  Milton is the Director of Student Support Services  -states  this is actually an excerpt from a brochure description of program.  Motion made by Milton to delete policy 85-300, 2nd by Michelle Bruns.  Discussion held.  Votes in favor – 1, opposed – 6, abstain – 1.  Motion to review policy 85-300 by Policy and Procedure Review Sub-Committee by Bill Young, 2nd by Shawn Reinhart .  Votes in favor - 7 , opposed 1; motion passes.


Motion to adjourn made by Deig Sandoval, 2nd by Shawn Rienhart.  Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 12:02.