Institutional Development Committee

September 7, 2012

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Cliff at 10:40

Opening prayer given by Jerry.

Members present: Milton Fineran, Michelle Bruns, Shirley Sitting Bear (stand in for Arlene ex- officio), Bill Young, Cliff Delong, Cassie Big Crow, Rainey Benson, Shawn Rheinhart, Lilias Jarding, Jerry Lessert,

Deig Sandoval

Old Business:

Motion to approve Mays minutes made by Bill Young, 2nd by Shawn. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

Election of officers.

-          Shawn makes a motion to maintain all current officers as they currently stand. Rainey 2nd the motion. Opposed 0, In favor 8. Motion passes.

o   President Cliff Delong

o   VP Deig Sandoval

o   Secretary Michelle Bruns

- Cliff maintained subcommittee appointments.

-Policy and Procedures Subcommittee

-chair recognizes P/P subcommittee

-will be reviewing section 90-99 for grammar and punctuation

-VP for Business charge whistle-blower policy draft revisions with more of fiscal focus

-Academic VP charges acceptable use will go to tech committee and development

-Presidential charge need to develop a staff conflict of interest policy

-policies 67-300/1, 67-320-2,67-320,67-330 no date never passed by BOT

-Dieg moves to submit all policies regarding Faculty Developments to Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye as written. Jerry 2nd . Motion passed unanimously.

-new policy 41-000-5 Budget Expenditure Report Cassie made a motion to approve the amended

BER policy, 2nd by Lilias. Motion passed unanimously.

-Benefits Subcommittee

- Shawn Rheinhart plans on going up to meet with Faith after the meeting nothing to report at

this time

-Technology Subcommittee

-on the next fiscal budget- money for replacement of laptops in carts in Pejuta Haka, He Sapa,

Butch Eagle Bull Center for a total of 60 new laptops

-also replacement of all workstations in fixed computer labs for a total of 320 machines

systemically in round numbers of $350,000 tech committee will be referring system

specs over next few months

-will be reconciling P/P of network resources.

Motion to adjourn made by Shawn, 2nd by Cassie .

Meeting adjourned at 11:55.