Institutional Development Committee

November 2, 2012

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Cliff Delong at 10:36 a.m.

Members present:  Lilias Jarding, Cliff Delong, Shirley Sitting Bear, Michelle Bruns, Milton Fineran, Jerry Lessert, Bill Young, Leslie Henry, Rainey Benson, Shawn Rienhart, Faith Richards, Shaina Clifford, Deig Sandoval, Leslie

Opening prayer given by Leslie Henry.

Old Business:

A.      Motion to approve minutes as submitted made by Lilias 2nd by Leslie.  Motion carried unanimously. 

All policies sent to PWO sent were passed from September and also passed the BOT. 

B.      Whistleblower Policy – Lilias made a motion to pass the policy, 2nd by Rainey.  Motion passed unanimously. 

C.      Conflict of Interest Policy – Shaina was unable to locate the draft policy on Eric’s computer.  Lilias states that we do not have a draft this meeting but will have a draft for next meeting.


New Business:

A.      Policy and Procedures Subcommittee – Lilias reports 2 new members have joined from English dept have joined and have started section 80 and will start section 90 by next semester.

B.      Benefits Subcommittee – Faith – nothing new to report.  Shaina doing benefits since Eric has left.

a.       Cliff has circulated policy on how benefits are selected.

C.      Technology Subcommittee – student laptops distributed.  College centers have address systems in place for emergency notification purposes.  80 laptops were shipped for carts; started requests to replace computers in round building; then those out in other centers; then will work on those in computer labs; would like to ship tech to foundational studies

Motion to adjourn by Shawn, 2nd by Deig.

Meeting adjourned at 11:03 a.m.