Institutional Development Committee

March 8, 2013

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Cliff Delong at 11:10

Members present:  Lilias Jarding, Cliff Delong, Michelle Bruns, Leslie Henry, Shawn Reinhart, Rainey Benson, Deig Sandoval, (late arrival Jerry Lessert) Technology subcommittee members Jim Dudek and Brett Bump

Opening Prayer given by Jim Dudek

Old Business:

A.       Motion to approve minutes as submitted made by Brett, 2nd by Shawn.  Motion approved.

New Business:

A.      Policy and Procedures Subcommittee (Lilias Jarding)-IT Policy Consolidation

a.       Cliff provided history on policies

b.      Cliff would like this fixed by May; Lilias suggested different people work on different headings, 40-000-7 suggested may be stricken,  Jim would be willing to work on the 2 policies that he helped to created and rework them himself (content filtering and distance learning),need another section titled ‘acceptable use’

c.       Create 2 polices – network and distance learning –under network will be placed content filtering ,acceptable use, implied consent , and  copyright infringement

d.      Lilias will work on ‘ acceptable use’ and request help via email as needed, Rainey will work on numbering and headings once policies/procedures completed

e.      These are potential polices to strike from manual – 40-000-7, 57-000, 57-000-2, 67-700, 67-700-2, 67-750, 86-100,86-150, then add and new policy 93-500 which includes the pertinent content from all of those suitably updated and includes HEOA compliance (copyright infringement) as well as implied consent

f.        Cliff would like a draft next month

B.      Benefits Subcommittee (Faith Richards)

a.       Shawn –Shaina Clifford will be leaving and Patricia Brave Heart will be replacing her

b.      May need to be reviewing health insurance policy bids for next month – Shawn will check into that

C.      Technology Subcommittee (Cliff DeLong)

a.       Student laptops ordered from Dell –$ 3750 -100 each, counselor, director and tutor towers all replaced last month; all computer labs will be replaced in June; wireless issues continue in college center due to over-streaming of video.

Motion to adjourn  made by Leslie, 2nd by Deig.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.