Cliff De Long called the meeting to order at 11:10 on May 3rd, 2013.

Jerry Lessert gave the opening prayer.

Leslie Henry moved and Deig Sandoval seconded to table the approval of the minutes of the last meeting.

Motion passed unanimously.

Benefits Sub-Committee

Shaina Clifford presented a Plan C of the VSP as being of benefit to the employees.

Leslie Henry moved and Bill Young seconded that we move to Plan C with VSP. Motion passed unanimously.

Policy Review Sub-Committee

Dr. Lilias Jarding stated that the review of Section 80 will be completed and submitted to Diane Winters by the end of the contract. Dr. Jarding then introduced Policy 93-500, the final charge to the committee for this year.

Shawn Reinhardt moved and Milton Fineran seconded that Policies 40-000-7, 57-000, 57-000-2, 67-700, 67-700-2, 67-750, 86-100 and 86-150 be deleted and replaced with Policy 93-500. Motion passed unanimously.

Technology Sub-Committee

Cliff De Long reported that the new workstations had been ordered for the computer labs. He also reported that the workgroup servers will be replaced this summer.

Shawn Reinhardt moved and Leslie Henry seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 11:30.

Meeting adjourned.