Institutional Development Committee


November 1, 2013

Round Room, Piya Wiconi


Meeting called to order at 10:05am.


Members present: Cliff DeLong, Larry Gauer, Milton Fineran, Stephanie Sorbel, Sandy Janis, Leslie Henry, Shawn Reinhart, Bob Pille, Will Spotted Eagle, Mia Albers, Rainey Benson, and Deig Sandoval (late arrival).


Opening prayer was given by Stephanie Sorbel. Words of encouragement were provided by Bob Pille.


Old Business


A.     Approval of old minutes: Motion to approve minutes as submitted by Bob, 2nd by Leslie. Motion passed unanimously.


B.     Changes in benefits policies: Cliff presented proposed changes to PWO. The changes will now move on to the BOT.


C.     Clarification of committee job description: Cliff presented Policy 38-100 with minor revisions for review. Motion to approve made by Rainey, 2nd by Mia. Discussion ensued regarding other minor changes to be made related to acronyms and wording of title. The vote was called for and the motion passed unanimously.



New Business


A.     Policy Review Subcommittee

a.       Rainey stated there is nothing new to report.


B.     Benefits Subcommittee

a.       Sean had no report.


C.     Technology Subcommittee

Cliff reported:

a.       Student laptops have been distributed.

b.      New laser printers are being purchased for all branch libraries and one new Windows 8 computer will also be installed in each branch library.

c.       Discussion ensued regarding the blocking of Facebook.

d.      The new technology fee is now fully implemented there have been some minor complaints.


D.     Strategic Planning Committee

a.       Cliff reported that the next meeting is scheduled for 11/7/13.

b.      Cliff presented a draft version of the Strategic Plan Goal Revisions (for 2012-2014) for review.

c.       Leslie brought up that no statement exists in current policy that OLC is a 1994 land grant institution. After discussion, Bob made a motion to have a policy that states that OLC is a 1994 land grand institution in Section 00 of the policy manual. 2nd by Leslie. The motion passed unanimously. The committee chair gave a charge to Bob and Leslie to come back to the next meeting with a draft policy.



Shawn made the motion to adjourn, 2nd by Rainey. Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting was adjourned 10:48am.