Institutional Development Committee

December 13, 2013

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order at 11:11

Members present Rainey Benson, Lilias Jarding, Sandy Janis, Robert Pille, Cliff Delong, Maria Albers, Leslie Henry,  Michelle Bruns, Pearl Cottier, Larry Gauer

Opening prayer given by Mia.

Old Business:

A.      Motion to approve minutes as submitted made by Larry 2nd by Michelle.  Motion passed unanimously.

B.      Policy 38-100 administrative revision

a.       Tom Shortbull has charged the committee with changing the wording to state in #5 – adding “ Academic Vice-“ to precede the word President.  Lilias made a motion to further amend the policy to include the words “Academic Vice-“ preceding the word President in #5 of policy 38-100. 2nd by Leslie.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business

A.      Policy Review Sub-committee

a.       Lilias reports are awaiting proposed Professional Consulting/Leave Policy

b.      Working on grammatical editing of 00 section- about halfway through

B.      Benefits Sub-committee

a.       Cliff reports are “swamped” they would like all annuities to go through TIAA-CREF, it is an online registration process

C.      Technology Sub-committee

a.       Paul & Cliff will be erasing all student “stuff” from computers everywhere

b.      Reference Web is functional

c.       JICS is functional

d.      Library installs are all done except for East Wakpamni

D.      Strategic Planning Sub-Committee

a.       New strategic plan – not yet approved by BOT

E.       1994 Land Grant Draft Policy (Bob/Leslie)

a.       Will bring back in one month

Motion made to adjourn made by Larry 2nd by Mia.  Meeting adjourned at 11:37.