Institutional Development Committee

October 3, 2014

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order at 10:43 with opening prayer given by Sandy WhiteShield.

Members present:  Sandy WhiteShield, Darcie Forster, Sandy Janis, Lilias Jarding, Mary Tobacco, Milton Fineran, Tawa Ducheneaux, Karen Lone Hill, David White Bull Jr., Stephanie Sorbel, Deig Sandoval, and Shawn Reinhart, Julie Johnson (ex-officio)?

Old Business:

A.      Approval of last month’s minutes – deferred to next meeting

New Business:

A.      Policy and Procedure Sub-Committee-

Lilias reports the committee is working on reviewing policies in the 200’s section; duties have not yet been assigned


B.      Benefits Sub-Committee-

-policy on employee benefits – changes to policy defines procedure of contributing to TIAA-CREF; the verbiage has been changed

-would like to have a broker that deals with insurance companies

-will advertise for broker over the next month, have different brokers come and present in February

-have to make decision on insurance by March so that can be implemented by Sept.

-two interested parties to broker

-add 2% tribal fee into policy

-Julie Johnson  suggests changing procedure on healthcare so that it is every 3 years instead of 2 years (every other year); these changes will be emailed to committee members for discussion and will be approved at the next meeting


C.      Technology Sub-Committee-

-Purchase orders were submitted this week for 120 student laptops and 14 laser printers for the college centers' computer labs. 

-A Request for quotation was sent to Jenzabar for replacement of the 2 SQL servers and the JICS webserver.  These servers are at least one year out of warranty and their regular replacement is in the technology plan and the strategic plan and has been budgeted for in this fiscal year.  We plan to implement EX 5 during the Christmas break.  The telephony system at Piya Wiconi has been restored to full operational capacity at this point in time after the lightning strike last summer and the administration has received a quotation for replacement of the system.  The decision of when to do the replacement is financial in nature. 

-One of the TVs attached to the videoconferencing unit at Pejuta Haka center failed due to repeated brownout / low voltage conditions and Steph will be replacing both televisions on this unit utilizing this years budget. 

-Two videoconferencing units failed at He Sapa and Cheyenne River and have been replaced and rebuilt as spares.  Dave West is in process of acquiring a DSL connection from Cheyenne River Telephone Authority for the Cheyenne River College Center.  This internet connection will increase the available bandwidth by a factor of 6 at that location.  The cost is estimated at ~$150/month which will be carried on the Cheyenne river operations budget.  The only center without DSL broadband after that will be East Wakpamni.

- Wallace has been busy with updating the college's website for inclusion of supporting reference documents within the academic departments using a standardized directory structure.

- I wanted to emphasize that the technical support hotline at 455-1713 and the email account are monitored 7/24/365.


D.  Other –

Mary Tabacco would like to see a committee description – it was noted that this can be found on the website.


Motion made by Lilias to adjourn .  2nd by Shawn. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:20.