Institutional Development Committee

February 5, 2016

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Sandy at 10:33

Members present:  Cliff Delong, Brett Bump, Andy Thomspon, Nikki Pipe On Head, Christine Stagnetto-Zweig,  Jason Funk, Tawa Ducheneaux, Requaw West, Milton Fineran, Sandy White Shield, Michelle Bruns, Darcie Forster, Deig Sandoval,Bill Young, Sandy Janis, Michelle Salvatore, David White Bull, Marcel Bull Bear and AJ Silva.

        I.            Opening Prayer given by Marcel

      II.            Words of wisdom by Bill Young

    III.            Old Business

A.      Approval of Minutes moved to approve by Cliff.  2nd by Bill.  Motion carried.

    IV.            New Business:

A.      Policy and Procedures Subcommittee (L. Jarding) – no report

B.      Technology Subcommittee (C. Delong)

a.       Waiting for Myreen to give him the number of students for the laptop bid

b.      Got bid specifications and bid for teleconferencing – since grant is in excess of $100K –it will be bid out.  New videoconferencing in be in centers in Fall.

c.       Assistant Director in PR suggested– take student ID on one card and put library card on other side – will be further discussed.  Discussion held.

C.      Committee Charges (J. Johnson – ex-officio) – Review Document Fraternization Policy for comment

a.       Discussion held

b.      Reviewed and no suggestions offered – favorable comments

c.       Anyone having any comments or concerns needs to get them to Sandy by Wednesday (2-10-16)

D.      Benefits Subcommittee (J. Johnson) – no report

E.       Other

a.       No comments regarding the strategic plan changes

b.      Cliff mentioned replacing network video recorders in all college centers was included in the facilities maintenance plan for 2016-17

F.       Motion to adjourn by Bill at 10:51, 2nd by Andy. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 10:52