Institutional Development Committee

April 8, 2016

Round Room, Piya Wiconi

Meeting called to order by Vice Chair Cliff at 1:00 p.m.

Members present: Lilias Jarding, Cliff Delong, Brett Bump, Andy Thomspon, Christine Stagnetto-Zweig, Jason Funk, Michelle Bruns, Darcie Forster, Deig Sandoval, Requaw West , Michelle Salvatore, and AJ Silva

        I.            Opening Prayer given by Cliff

      II.            Words of Encouragement Deig

    III.            Old Business

A.      Approval of Minutes made by Lilias and 2nd by Brett. Motion carried.

    IV.            New Business:

A.      Policy and Procedures Subcommittee (L. Jarding)

a.       All of the policies in the 30 series have been reviewed. Just need reviewers comments submitted and into proper form and into Diane.

B.      Technology Subcommittee (C. Delong)

a.       BOT meeting Monday requisition hopefull will go out for new equipment

b.      Have received enough quotes for vendors for Office licenses and work stations for Library replacements and computer labs for selections to be made

C.      Motion to adjourn

a.       Motion made by Andy to adjourn 2nd by Brett.

Meeting adjourned at 1:09 p.m.